VIDEO: Proof Positive

“Cops run towards the gunfire while everyone else is running in the other direction.”

You hear that a lot—mostly because it’s true.

The quote is the kind of thing politicians can use to paint themselves as “law and order” candidates.

But does everyone believe it’s actually true?

Of course not, because they haven’t seen it with their own eyes.

And this is where body cams (can we get a little federal funding please?) can be such a game-changer for public safety.

There will be some that say the public can’t understand what they’re seeing and you can’t do the job the way you’ve been told to do it while performing it under a microscope.

But anyone who watches this officer go from zero to 50 in no time flat when shots ring out will come away understanding something about the courage and selflessness that represents law enforcement at its best.

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