That’s What We Do


In all the talk about controversial use-of-force incidents, police militarization, and other issues related to violence or the possibility of violence, it’s easy to forget something very basic.

Responding to active shooters and barricaded suspects, or responding to bank robbers toting AK-47s and wearing full body armor are examples of what used to be called “high incidents.”

But that’s not most of what cops do.

Police officers actually spend more time helping people than CNN, FOX News, or big-city newspapers would have you believe.

It could be responding to a call from a small female bartender who’s having a hell of a time telling an ex-Division I college defensive linemen he’s been cut off and needs to leave.

Or it could be a not-so-mechanically-inclined kid trying to change a flat.

Or it could be a someone who’s in big trouble because they can’t breathe due to a violent seizure.

Anyway, two Boston cops saved a four-year-old girl’s life the other day.

Good outcomes like this, more often than not, come down to training, experience, and the ability to stay cool when everyone around you is justifiably flipping the hell out.


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