Massive Bust


The NYPD recently staged a massive gang round-up in the Bronx.

“Today, we seek to eviscerate two violent street gangs—2Fly and BMB—that have allegedly wreaked havoc on the streets of the Northern Bronx for years, by committing countless acts of violence against rival gang members and innocents alike,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

“The gangs’ alleged victims include not only a 15 year-old child stabbed and left to die in the street, as well as a 92 year-old woman shot by a stray bullet in her own home, but also extend to the thousands of residents of Eastchester Gardens and its surrounding neighborhoods terrorized for years by the gangs’ open-air drug dealing and senseless violence.

“I thank and recognize the bravery and tireless investigative work of the NYPD’s Bronx Gang Squad, HSI’s Violent Gang Unit, the New York Field Division of the DEA, and the ATF’s Joint Firearms Task Force, as well as all the other law enforcement partners that assisted in the operations today.”

“As alleged, these individuals engaged in open-air drug sales near homes and schools in the Bronx, pushing poison onto our streets,” said Police Commissioner William Bratton.

“Allegedly, they also committed numerous acts of violence and at least eight murders in the course of their illicit operations. This includes the murder of a 92 year-old innocent bystander who was killed by a stray bullet inside her home.

“I want to thank the members of the NYPD’s Bronx Gang Squad and our law enforcement partners for dismantling these gangs. I commend them for their dedication and precision throughout this long-term investigation.”


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