Police Business


American policing is being actively sold to the highest bidders in the private sector.

It’s not of any interest to the media or most people, but the fact of the matter is that in cities like Detroit, New Orleans, and others, security guards (employed through contracts with the city) now vastly outnumber trained, certified police officers.

This is an exciting opportunity for the business community, and they’re already putting law enforcement executives on corporate boards and getting great publicity from donating equipment to law enforcement agencies that can no longer afford things like weapons, vests, and vehicles.

The police departments and sheriffs’ offices of old will be replaced with revenue-generating public safety models that have worked so well in places like St. Louis and Ferguson.

Companies are getting their feet wet by offering the law enforcement community advice in terms of how not to keep repeatedly shooting itself in the foot on Facebook.

But there are all kinds of efficiencies and automations in the pipeline that will radically change the traditional American public safety model.

If you take a quick look around, you’ll see that almost every high-profile police executive in the land is leaving their post and taking a position in the private sector.


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