Butler County Sheriff’s Dept. to rehire deputies

Voters in Butler County approved a one-quarter of 1 percent sales tax for the purpose of providing law enforcement services for the county and funding to support current and future operations of the sheriff’s department and jail.

Chief Deputy Wesley Popp said the department is now able to rehire all of the staff members that were previously laid off due to COVID-19 budget restrictions, including deputies, a process server and a new maintenance worker.

“We’ll be back at full staff from what we were, and then after January, the taxes will be implemented, and we’ll slowly bring on more deputies, more investigators; and get staff to where we should’ve been a long time ago,” he said.

Popp also said the department wants to thank the community for approving the tax increase and wanted to assure them they will continue to do their best, to put you first and keep you safe.

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