VIDEO: Wee-Wee Patrol

Most people would be shocked to learn about some of the things police officers have to do in the line of duty.

There’s “babysitting the sudden,” where a young officer who’s yet to climb the ladder gets stuck standing next to a dead body for three hours while the crime scene crew finishes up at another location.

Or imagine you’re a lateral transfer at a rural sheriff’s office and the boss tells you that your assignment for the day is to mow his girlfriend’s lawn and then pick up his dry cleaning.

That stuff really happens.

But it just doesn’t get any weirder than being a campus cop assigned to the drawn-penis detail.

In case you’ve been out of the country, there has been quite a bit of talk recently about free speech and the classically American oxymoron “politically correct.”

Apparently, drawing a penis on an inflatable ball on a college campus is now a law enforcement issue.

At least the officer didn’t use his “fine-tooth microscope.”

“Sir, I advise you to scribble over that penis immediately,” is probably not the kind of thing most cadets imagine saying when they graduate from the academy.


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