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Time To Stop the Finger Pointing

Time To Stop the Finger Pointing

by Daryl Turner In the wake of protests and demonstrations of unity at NFL games and the President’s fueling the controversy, a new police organization, created to break down barriers between law enforcement and the communities they serve, is calling for a real discussion to solve the issues being raised. The United Coalition of Public

VIDEO: Harvey’s Horrific Aftermath

We received this message from a Houston resident and longtime reader of American Police Beat: I thought APB readers would like an update on conditions in Houston. Things are weird and crazy. People are traumatized. FEMA is a nightmare as you can imagine.   Insurance checks are being stolen from people’s mailboxes.   We have to

Hard Work, Heartache, and a Lot of Love

by Chief Tim Jayroe, Rockport (TX) Police Dept. In the coastal areas of our country emergency responders, elected officials, and concerned citizens think, plan, discuss, review and practice every year for the possibility that sometime between August and November we will be forced to deal with a hurricane. What we found out on August 24, 2017,

Bill Bratton On the Future of American Policing

Earlier today, former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton and other law enforcement professionals talked about community policing at The Heritage Foundation, in Washington, D.C.  They discussed the challenges and successes of police departments in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities. Other topics addressed included data collection by police departments,

Collaborative Reform 86’d

There are basically two ways local law enforcement agencies and the federal government can work together on police reforms. The first are “consent decrees,” legal agreements entered into by the feds and locals in which the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ works with cities, counties, agencies, and court-appointed monitors. The more recent “collaborative reform”

Taking Care of Others, Then Our Own

The clean-up from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma is underway. Millions of people are without power and may not be back online a week and maybe longer. Twenty-one thousand electrical repair people are on the ground. Six people died in a nursing home when the power went out. It will take months to assess

Irma: “Hard work and lots of heartache”

Update from John Rivera, Dade County PBA: “We were hunkered down at home until the most dangerous bands of Irma passed by. There is still a curfew, and while we don’t know the extent of the losses, many of our members have suffered catastrophic losses. Some looting is occurring in certain areas. Law enforcement people

A Message of Thanks

Preparing for Irma, I am proud to be a part of our law enforcement family By John Rivera, President, Dade County PBA I am sending this message to you as we await the wrath of Irma. As of right now, Monroe County (ours) has been ordered to evacuate every first responder. The Florida keys are expected