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Sheriff’s First Newsletter

Sheriff’s First Newsletter

Via WLOS.com: The Henderson County (NC) Sheriff’s office has been publishing its newsletter, The Guardian, for about two years. Sheriff Charles McDonald says it’s a way to, “Keep the community up to speed and educated about who we are and what we’re doing in the community.”   On Feb. 6, the sheriff’s office released the

More Cops = Less Crime

By Ron Hernandez The combination of rising crime and a short-staffed Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) is extremely troubling. A recent Los Angeles Times story revealed that in areas served by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), violent crime was up 9 percent and property crime up 6 percent through November 30, 2016.

Chiefs to Trump

Via FOX News: A central tenet of President Trump’s campaign was restoring “law and order” to our country. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has pledged to do the same. Last week, the president spoke to law enforcement and signed three executive orders to reduce crime.   We are grateful the president has expressed strong support for

Chicago Cops Get Thanks They Deserve

Ed. Note: This is a “above and beyond” tale, if there ever was one. Make sure you have Kleenex on stand-by to dry your tears. By Delores Anderson I am writing this letter because I want everyone everywhere to be aware of some really special Chicago police officers and how they truly changed the lives of

Blue Lives Legislation

Via The Missourian: Protecting law enforcement officers is the main objective of two bills that the Missouri house passed Thursday.   One bill increases criminal penalties for some crimes against law enforcement officers. The other creates a mass-alert system to help track down perpetrators who harm or kill a law enforcement officer. Both bills now

Sanctuary Cities: Police vs. Mayor

Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) President Ken Crane wrote a letter to Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton about his recent comments regarding President’s Trump executive orders. Mayor Stanton said he will fight the federal government’s attempt “to turn the Phoenix Police Department into a mass deportation force.” Crane responded in an interview with “The Mike Broomhead

VIDEO: Debate Takes On Police-Race Issue

This week Rains Lucia Stern Attorney Harry Stern and distinguished author Heather Mac Donald teamed up on Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates, the world’s premier forum for debate and intellectual discussion, to argue against the motion that policing in America is racially biased. Intelligence Squared U.S. is a non-profit debate series broadcasted across the country via

Fake Guns Destroy Lives

Ed. Note: Check out how the Cleveland PPA raised a serious public safety issue with the local newspaper, got a big story and lots of great PR for the Department and the Association. Best thing about it is that the effort proved the city’s cops really care about the well being and safety of the

De-Policing in Chicago

Via CBS News/60 Minutes: The following script is from “Crisis in Chicago,” which aired on Jan. 1, 2017. Bill Whitaker is the correspondent. Andrew Bast, Guy Campanile and Michael Radutzky, producers.   The number of casualties in Chicago since last New Year’s Day has surged to a level more in line with a war zone

Vests Save Cops

Via Safety and Health magazine: Law enforcement officers who wear body armor are 76 percent more likely to survive a bullet to the torso than officers who don’t wear the gear, according to a study from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.   Researchers examined information from the Law Enforcement Officers