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This Ain’t Colorado!

This Ain’t Colorado!

Via the Times-Herald Record: WARWICK, NY – Police said they seized 275 marijuana plants, with a street value of about $360,000, during Monday night’s raid of a four-bedroom Colonial in the Horizon Farms subdivision that drug traffickers had turned into a grow house.   The operation resulted in the arrests of two Bronx men who

Sheriff Wants Out

Via (Virginia)—The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Department is dropping its application to partner with federal-immigration officials under the controversial 287(g) program because Sheriff Bob Mosier no longer believes it’s necessary.   Mosier said Wednesday he made the decision because of what he understands to be a recent change in protocol by U.S. Immigration and Customs

Ex-Sheriff Could Get Two Years

Via CBS News: Prosecutors are seeking a two-year prison term for ex-Sheriff Lee Baca for conspiring to obstruct a federal grand jury investigation into civil rights abuses and corruption within Los Angeles County jails, but the defense is asking for a sentence of home detention, court papers obtained Tuesday show.   Baca, 74, was convicted

Trump vs. SCOTUS

The administration’s response to having basically everything they’ve tried to do get shut down by the courts (and other bodies like the House and Senate) has been “See you in court!” Presumably this means that Mr. Trump thinks he will do better with Supreme Court Justices if and when these cases are taken up on

Ft. Lauderdale: What Went Wrong

Via the Sun Sentinel: The 12 hours of turmoil that engulfed Fort Lauderdale’s airport after a gunman slaughtered five travelers in January was sparked by false reports of gunshots and aggravated by authorities who struggled to manage the crisis.   Security screeners abandoned their posts and ran; a swarm of police officers terrified passengers and

We Need Cops!

Via The San Diego Union Tribune: San Diego’s struggles to recruit and retain police officers have gotten worse since last fall, prompting the leader of the city’s police officers labor union to demand new solutions and “straight talk” from city politicians.   Despite recent compensation increases and stepped-up recruiting efforts, the number of officer vacancies

Cops or “Security?”

Via the Chicago Tribune: The union representing Chicago’s airport police officers moved Wednesday to halt the city’s effort to rebrand them as members of a security force — signs of a battle that is emerging as aviation police are under internal review and outside investigation in the wake of the United Airlines passenger dragging incident.

Hero Cops Honored

Via Five people, including a Jersey City firefighter who ran into a burning building while off-duty, will be honored with Valor Awards at the annual 200 Club of Hudson County luncheon later this month.   The five — New Jersey Transit Police Officer Victor Ortiz, Jersey City Firefighter Luis Colon III, and Jersey City

Meet the Secretary

As President Trump’s DHS Secretary, John “Mad Dog” Kelly (above) is a high-profile member of the new administration where previous DHS secretaries weren’t quite as well known. Here are few quotes from Sec. Kelly that can give people a window into the way Kelly thinks about things. On reading media reports about DHS and so-called

How Was School Today?

Via No drugs were found in a search of Worth County High School in Georgia Friday; a search that has the community buzzing.   Students went home to tell parents that not only did law enforcement search the school for drugs, but their persons were patted down by officers.   Worth Co. Sheriff Jeff