Terror Nation

More kids are dead. Nothing will be done. This is the new normal. Fourteen police officers have been shot and killed in 2018. Seventeen children were shot and killed yesterday. By the numbers, parents have more to worry about in terms of their kids coming home safe than the families of police officers do. No […]

Sounds about right

President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law the day before yesterday making it easier for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun. The National Rifle Association was obviously thrilled. Chris Cox, NRA-ILA executive director, said the move “marks a new era for law-abiding gun owners, as we now have a president who […]


Bigfoot’s probably not real. And neither is that damn Loch Ness Monster (even though he still owes me three fiddy.) But Pigzilla is very real and here’s the proof. “We’re gonna need a bigger BBQ.” -Chief Brody Is that thing even real?  

Going out swinging

In Milwaukee, Police Chief Edward Flynn has announced his impending retirement. But he’s also in a heated war of words with the Police Commission. Flynn says Police Commission member MaryNell Regan tried to interfere into an internal investigation. “I truthfully answered a direct question regarding a recent internal investigation that resulted in discipline,” Flynn told […]

Attention SWAT officers!

If you work for a specialized tactical unit, mostly known as SWAT teams, you probably know a thing or two about your agency’s bomb detection robot- if you have one that is. Most agencies don’t. Generally speaking these things look like the love child of a miniature tank and the Mars Rover and move very […]

The Ottawa Effect

In Canada, between 1961 and 2009, 133 police officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty. That shakes out to about 2 cops feloniously killed annually. The USA has roughly 10 times the population of Canada so even you adjust that metric for population cops are still killed at less than half the rate […]