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VIDEO: Flying the Flag for the World Finals

VIDEO: Flying the Flag for the World Finals

At the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas on Nov. 4, this stirring video demonstrating why the sport always stands for the American Flag was shown in T-Mobile Arena. In it, NYPD Detective Rich Miller relays the behind-the-scenes story of how the first flag got raised amidst the rubble of the downed World Trade Center

Change Your Report!

Via WBUR News: Massachusetts State Police are defending their actions after a trooper filed suit alleging that top police commanders disciplined him and forced him to revise an arrest report for a judge’s daughter.   Trooper Ryan Sceviour’s suit alleges that after he arrested 30-year-old Alli Bibaud for driving under the influence near Worcester last

Really Small Potatoes

Via The City of Atlanta is offering financial incentives to help fill open positions in the police force. Three separate incentives are aimed at helping fill crime scene technicians, 911 dispatchers and police officers.   One referral bonus is targeted towards City of Atlanta employees and offers a $500 referral bonus “for recruiting new

Cheerleader In Chief?

When Trump said on the campaign trail, “I am going to be a great cheerleader for law enforcement!” he apparently wasn’t talking about the feds. Via The New York Times: When Trump said on the campaign trail “I am going to be a great cheerleader for law enforcement!” he apparently wasn’t talking about the feds.

Dallas 9-1-1 Back On Track

By Brianna Dunn, special correspondent for American Police Beat  Police officials in Dallas are proud to say that they’ve solved a problem plaguing the department. The city’s 911 call response time is now back to where it should be thanks to a combination of a hiring spree, a little remodeling, and a lot of appreciation from

Weaponizing Tragedy

By now the pattern is clear. Every time there is a mass shooting, a bunch of nerds go to work creating fake Facebook pages for—and Photoshopped images of—the shooter. Some people are such losers they have nothing better to do than use the loss of innocent life and the horror of mass gun violence for

Hope for Pay Raises in St. Louis

Via St. Louis Public Radio: Voters in St. Louis will be heading out to the polls to decide on a half-cent tax increase. If it passes that would mean a raise for the city’s police and firefighters.   According to a story from St. Louis Public Radio, getting voters to support “Proposition P” is no

VIDEO: NYC Hero Cop Speaks

Via ABC News: The New York City officer being hailed as a hero for stopping Tuesday’s deadly terror attack said he was grateful for the outpouring of support, but his team was just doing its job. Eight were killed and a dozen more injured when a truck plowed into pedestrians and cyclists on a path

New Policies on Deadly Force

The Madison Police Department in Wisconsin is making some changes to its policies on the use of deadly force. According to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal, the changes come after several law suits against the city were successful with payouts in the millions. “When it comes to the rules our police officers are trained

Cops At Risk

While some police officers and officials are opposed to the idea of cops carrying Narcan because they believe it’s a “soft on crime” approach, there is also the issue of officer safety, with respect to scenarios in which cops are exposed to dangerous levels of fentanyl or other opioids. Via The Terrell Tribune: Local law