Flying him in

The two most famous, or infamous, sheriffs in the USA used to be Joe Arpaio and David Clarke. Since the office of sheriff is a political one, both Joe and Clarke have lots of experience in political messaging and are in high-demand for extremely conservative audiences. Joe’s hoping that skill set pays off as he […]

NYPD belt tightening

The New York Post, which is the preferred daily for cops in Gotham, recently ran a story suggesting that many of the tens of thousands of men and women in the NYPD are hugely overweight. But this wasn’t some academic elitist with fancy books and charts from the ivory tower saying New York’s Finest are […]

Terror Nation

More kids are dead. Nothing will be done. This is the new normal. Fourteen police officers have been shot and killed in 2018. Seventeen children were shot and killed yesterday. By the numbers, parents have more to worry about in terms of their kids coming home safe than the families of police officers do. No […]


Bigfoot’s probably not real. And neither is that damn Loch Ness Monster (even though he still owes me three fiddy.) But Pigzilla is very real and here’s the proof. “We’re gonna need a bigger BBQ.” -Chief Brody Is that thing even real?  

Going out swinging

In Milwaukee, Police Chief Edward Flynn has announced his impending retirement. But he’s also in a heated war of words with the Police Commission. Flynn says Police Commission member MaryNell Regan tried to interfere into an internal investigation. “I truthfully answered a direct question regarding a recent internal investigation that resulted in discipline,” Flynn told […]