Police recognized

In Wisconsin, there are now special commemorative license plates that honor fallen law enforcement officers. From Wisconsin DOT: Any Wisconsin resident may apply for Law Enforcement Memorial license plates. The plates recognize Wisconsin law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. For more information, visit Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial​ and the National Law Enforcement […]

Cops get screwed

Wouldn’t it be great to see a little extra money in your paycheck- especially if you’re risking your life to protect and serve as a police officer? Well a bunch of cops working at military bases might have thought their dreams came true when an accounting error put some extra funds in their paychecks (about […]

Mourning the loss

From the Chula Vista (California) Police Dept. Facebook page. On Friday, CVPD lost a trusted partner, K9 Griffen. It was a hard day for all of us, especially Griffen’s handler and best friend, Officer Chancellor. May you #RIP, Griffen. Thank you for your service to our Department and the city of #ChulaVista. -1180 More here.

Snow fight

“Breaking News: Three NYPD Officers assaulted during #noreaster nyc!” the tongue-in-cheek tweet from the NYPD said. “You won’t believe what the Officers do at the end. #snowday2018 #givingback.” You win some and you lose some. In Brooklyn, New York recently they had quite a bit of snow and some neighborhood kids and a pair of […]

Puppy Day

National Puppy Day isn’t that big of a deal as far as holiday’s go but it’s a feel-good thing that makes people smile so let’s celebrate! Basically it’s a chance for people to share photos of their dogs on social media and this time law enforcement is getting in on the act. In Southern California […]

Insuring K-9s

Petplan pet insurance announced that 50 working police dogs will receive pet insurance grants from the National Police Dog Foundation (NPDF) in 2018. The endowment, which Petplan sponsors, awarded five police K-9s with one year of Petplan coverage in 2017. The expansion of the program this year comes thanks to joint fundraising efforts between Petplan […]

Real numbers

Police officers rarely use force in apprehending suspects, and when they do they seldom cause significant injuries to those arrested, according to a multi-site study published in the March issue of the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. “The use of force by police can result in serious injuries and fatalities, but the risk […]

Animal abuse

Young people that enjoy torturing and or killing animals frequently become extremely dangerous individuals. John Thompson is deputy executive director of the National Sheriff’s Association and the nation’s highest-ranking law-enforcement official fighting animal abuse. He knows about the obvious connection that so many so frequently miss completely. Thompson says a history of animal abuse is […]

Life challenges?

Thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of law enforcement professionals, the Austin bomber, 23-year-old Mark Conditt, was identified and pursued before the suspect took the cowards way out and blew himself up. Bombing civilian targets, ostensibly to promote some kind of ideology, is about as close to a working definition of […]

Cokehead advisor

For whatever reason, the Trump administration is pushing the death penalty for “drug dealers.” The quotes around drug dealers above symbolize the changed nature of our understanding about drug use and abuse as the result of the opioid public health crisis. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he will encourage prosecutors to seek the death penalty […]