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Sin Tax Funding

Via WPDS Local 6 News: Mayfield, KY — The first of four liquor stores coming to Mayfield has opened, and the Mayfield Police Department is reaping the benefits.   A percent of the taxes paid by customers and license fees paid by the owners goes straight to the police department. Mayfield Police Chief Nathan Kent

Overtime and Fatigue

Via the Boston Herald: Boston police officers and detectives earned millions of dollars in detail pay last year—with 17 pulling in more than $100,000—in what some law enforcement experts warn is risky on-the-beat behavior that can lead to fatigue, potentially placing the public and even the cops in danger.   “If you’re fatigued and exhausted,

Cops Love Data

Via USA Today: For more than a decade, coteries of academics, and ex-cops who became academics, have been selling the idea that CompStat, the police command accountability and crime strategy system developed in the New York Police Department in the mid-1990s, is responsible for the deterioration of police-community relations across the country.   Nothing could

Overtime to Skyrocket

Ed. note: President Trump said a lot of stuff on the campaign trail, including the following: “I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done.” Yet he’s been going to his country club in Florida almost every weekend. If this pattern holds course, it could mean massive OT for

VIDEO: All Drive-Thrus Matter

Generally speaking, when people hear about cops saving someone, it usually involves a person or animal. And obviously there’s nothing the internet loves more than videos and photos of certified peace officers pulling old ladies out of flaming vehicles or risking hypothermia by diving into an icy pond to save a dog that chased a

No Immigrant Cops

Via The Denver Post: The national immigration debate amplified by President Donald Trump colored the discussion Monday about a Colorado measure to require U.S. citizenship for law enforcement officers.   The Republican-led state Senate approved the bill on an initial voice vote but Democratic lawmakers blasted the effort as “extreme” and “anti-immigrant.”   State Sen.

Taxed for Safety

Via The Philadelphia Inquirer: For decades, towns across Pennsylvania—many of them small, rural, and cash-strapped—have relied on the Pennsylvania State Police.   Some have shuttered their own police departments, realizing that it’s far cheaper to have troopers respond to calls within their borders than to pay the salaries, benefits, and equipment needed for their own

Chief Makes What?

Via FOX News: The incoming police chief in Oakland will reportedly receive the largest base pay in the city’s history.   Incoming Chief Anne Kirkpatrick will earn a base salary of nearly $270,000.   SF Gate reported recently that with total compensation and benefits her salary could reach $299,675. The paper also reported that the

Mayor Fires Chief

Via the Capital Gazette: Annapolis (MD) Mayor Mike Pantelides has fired Police Chief Michael Pristoop (pictured above).   In a statement released Wednesday morning, Pantelides said Pristoop’s firing was “not about the person, but rather about creating a new direction for policing and enforcement efforts, while generating new initiatives in our police department.”   Maj.