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How Was School Today?

Via No drugs were found in a search of Worth County High School in Georgia Friday; a search that has the community buzzing.   Students went home to tell parents that not only did law enforcement search the school for drugs, but their persons were patted down by officers.   Worth Co. Sheriff Jeff

Police Report Questioned

Via the Los Angeles Times: The Chicago aviation officers who forcibly removed a passenger from a United Airlines flight filed reports saying the traveler was “aggressive” when responding to requests to give up his seat and flailed his arms while fighting with officers.   The reports, released Monday in response to Freedom of Information Act

“This Terrorist Thing”

It’s very hard to get sense of how much we’ve spent on the sprawling, wildly disorganized bureaucracy known as the Department of Homeland Security since 2001. Lowball estimates are about half a trillion. It’s even harder, despite many taking a crack at it, to know what it is DHS actually does. Not even the inspector

Build That Wall

For many of the people still believe in constitutional principals like the separation of church in state, a ruling out of Alabama that will let a mega-church create its own police force is problematic on several levels. The last thing anyone wants is more law enforcement personnel answering not to superiors, chiefs and judges, but

VIDEO: Arrest Goes Viral

Via CBS News: A mother is fuming after her 10-year-old son with autism was handcuffed, placed into a police car and taken from an Okeechobee County school.   “Does a child not have the same rights as an adult?”   Mother Luanne Haygood captured the entire video and posted it to Facebook.   “I was

Tancredo: Fire the Sheriffs!

Via Breitbart: Local sheriffs traditionally have been among the strongest advocates for robust enforcement of federal immigration law, but the Obama years have left a legacy of nonenforcement masquerading as a “Priority Enforcement Program.”   Sheriffs in Denver, Houston, Austin and elsewhere have announced their vigorous opposition to cooperation with federal law enforcement. The problem

Police and Integrity

Via the Los Angeles Times: It would be more difficult for police departments in California to discipline officers accused of lying under under a plan proposed by a Los Angeles lawmaker.   Democratic Assemblyman Miguel Santiago of Los Angeles believes current rules allow law enforcement agencies to unfairly target cops who simply make mistakes. His

Cops Save Baby

APB moved to NYC from Beantown a few years ago. In the Big Apple, like other overcrowded cities, the challenge of getting through traffic to get someone to the ER is intense. Via NYPD officers from across the 40th Precinct in the Bronx worked together to rush a sick baby girl to a hospital

DOJ Drops Ball

The one thing that’s exceedingly clear about the current administration is that they’re very big on press releases, memos, and executive orders that are largely symbolic in nature. A good rule of thumb, at least as far as the criminal justice system is concerned, is don’t pink slip everyone before you’ve lined up replacements. After