Good job deputy!

In Volusia County, Florida Sheriff Mike Chitwood is proud of one of his deputies that recently stopped a potential disturbance. “Deputy Moore saw a volatile situation headed out of control, and he took quick action to stop it,” Chitwood said in a statement recently. “It worked, and no one was injured. I stand behind his […]

Who’s the boss?

If you’re big thing is illegal immigration, and you’re a congress-critter, you might not want to invote the police chief to testify because he’s going testify about the fact that immigrants are afraid to call police, this stuff kills trust between LE and communities and other problematic issues. But if you invite the head of […]

Killed during training

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says 25-year-old Officer Darren Weathers died at a hospital following the collision at a Detroit intersection about 11:30 a.m. yesterday. The fatal accident apparently occurred during a training exercise. Weathers recently received a medal of valor after coming to the aid of his partner who was shot while the two […]

Going out swinging

In Milwaukee, Police Chief Edward Flynn has announced his impending retirement. But he’s also in a heated war of words with the Police Commission. Flynn says Police Commission member MaryNell Regan tried to interfere into an internal investigation. “I truthfully answered a direct question regarding a recent internal investigation that resulted in discipline,” Flynn told […]

The Ottawa Effect

In Canada, between 1961 and 2009, 133 police officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty. That shakes out to about 2 cops feloniously killed annually. The USA has roughly 10 times the population of Canada so even you adjust that metric for population cops are still killed at less than half the rate […]

Officers now liable?

In Baltimore, city officials have enacted policies that will put some cops on the hook for damages paid out in police-related lawsuits. As cities and counties are still struggling financially, officials in places with lots of lawsuits like Baltimore and Chicago will likely move to the new Baltimore model. This is obviously a massive story […]