Mental health database

Via The Associated Press COLUMBUS (AP) – A new database will alert Ohio law enforcement officers about motorists and passengers with communication disabilities who could be mistaken for someone impaired or a threat. The Blade reports the Legislature approved creating the database at the urging of Jenny Hughes, of Walbridge, in northwestern Ohio. Hughes’ oldest […]

LE Museum opening

Via WTOP: It has taken 18 years, but the National Law Enforcement Museum is set to open to the public with a celebration on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, with a grand opening held a few days earlier on Oct. 11. The museum will be located directly across the street from the National Law Enforcement Memorial […]

Lawful searches restricted

via Yahoo News and The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court said Monday that people who borrow rental cars from friends or family are generally entitled to the same protections against police searches as the authorized driver. The justices ruled unanimously that as a general rule someone who is “in otherwise lawful possession […]

Great work people

(Editor’s note: In a viral video recently uploaded to Youtube, a young man simply trying to conduct his business is harassed by a woman who believes he is up to know good based on his appearance. These calls are a huge source of aggravation for police officers who would rather be chasing bad guys as […]

Special police escort

Five-year-old Dakota Pitts returned to school for the first time on Monday after losing his father about a week ago. Dakota’s dad, Rob Pitts, was Indiana police officer for the Terre Haute and Sullivan police departments. Pitts was killed in the line of duty. The 16-year police vet was fatally shot by a 21-year-old suspect […]

Fallen K-9s

via CNN It’s National Police Week in Washington, DC, and as tens of thousands gather to honor the lives of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty, K9 officers who lost their lives on the job are also being remembered for their service and sacrifice. Lieutenant Chad […]