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Friday Night Nightmare

6 officers shot in 3 separate incidents; 2 killed In a span of less than two hours Friday night, six peace officers were shot in three different locations—four in Florida, two in Pennsylvania. Two officers from the Kissimmee Police Dept., in Osceola County, died of gunshot injuries sustained when they responded to a call. Kissimmee

Officer Will Be Missed

Via Yahoo! News: An Indiana police officer killed in the line of duty last week saw his son off to school hours before his death, an interaction seen in a touching photo released by his department.   Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan walked his son to the bus stop on his first day of

Cutest Picture Ever!

Texas police officer Deputy Constable Mark Diebold was on his way to work last year when he noticed a car that had passed him driving well over the speed limit. At the next light, Caleb Hall rolled down the window at the next traffic light to alert the Tarrant County police officer that his wife’s

VIDEO: Probably Saved Lives

Making a citizens arrest, or detaining another citizen until law enforcement arrives, is a risky proposition. Not only are a lot of people armed with deadly weapons, some of us are incredibly drunk, nodding off, or hopped up on who knows what. In Houston, a family man was driving along, minding his own business when

Cops Rescue Family

Via FOX News: Two police officers rescued a woman and her 2-year-old grandson from a blaze in their Queens, N.Y., home Thursday.   Officers John Maderik and Brian Coffey ran in through the South Ozone Park home’s front door after a passing motorist alerted to the flames inside. Upstairs, they discovered the grandmother, 56, who

VIDEO: Honoring the Fallen

Via WTAE News: LATROBE, Pa. — A large contingent of law enforcement lined the streets of Latrobe on Tuesday morning as a funeral procession was held for Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Michael P. Stewart, who died in an on-duty car accident last week.   Drums and bagpipes were played while police escorted the hearse from Lopatich

Above and Beyond

Via the Springfield News-Sun: Jennifer More and her mother, Barbara, were recently begging on a Los Angeles street corner when someone called the cops on them.   A fall recently left Barbara with brain damage. Her medical bills were so expensive, she and her daughter were left with nothing, leading to homelessness.   Los Angeles