Thank you officers!

There’s a simple message gracing billboards all across the country this year. It’s a message recognizing police officers with the words, “the Dermyer family would like to thank you for what you do every day, Merry Christmas.” Below the season’s greetings are the words, “in loving memory of Virginia State Trooper Chad Dermyer.” “It’s very […]

Cop’s gift of life

Neil McMillin is a Sheriff’s Deputy in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. He’s the reason that a little boy in Texas is alive today. McMillin donated his bone marrow to little Kayden Nazzario two years ago. They two got together for the first time recently. “Hey, little man,” said Neil McMillin as he kneeled down to hug […]

The Hero Returns

NYPD Detective, Peter Getz rescued a five-year-old Josibelk Aponte in 1998 from a raging fire in an apartment building. Getz not only got the kid out- he then saved her life a second time by performing CPR. He stayed in touch with the girl’s family for a while but they fell out of contact. Ten […]

Cops to the rescue!

In Illinois recently, police officers made a spectacular save. A 71-year-old Aurora man from a burning car by police and fire personnel after the man crashed into a car wash, a pole, and a concrete barricade in Montgomery. Montgomery Police say the man was allegedly fleeing the scene of a crash. The driver crashed into […]

Cop gives a hoot

Some people don’t like animals. But others are real-deal animal lovers. And when we get chance to help a fellow creature out, or in this case watch someone else do so, it’s pretty damn cool. Ted Bumstead is a deputy in Yavapai County, Arizona. Ted’s got eagle eyes and recently spotted a great horned owl, […]

Hero cops warm hearts

A group of heroic Port Authority of new York and New Jersey police officers became world-famous recently after they bravely responded to the attempted terrorist attack in New York City. The officers were celebrated for their bravery after making sure the suspect didn’t have any other explosive devices and keeping commuters safe. You’d think these […]

Officer gunned down

A police officer in San Marcos, Texas, was shot and killed recently while he was serving a warrant, police said. Officer Ken Copeland, with the San Marcos Police was serving a when he was fatally shot, Police Chief Chase Stapp said at a press conference. “Ken’s a hero. Everybody here loved him,” Stapp said, noting […]