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Double Tragedy for Cop Family

Double Tragedy for Cop Family

Via The Plain Dealer: The father of the Cleveland police officer killed Tuesday in a hit-and-run on Interstate 90 died similar crash in 1978 on the Shoreway in downtown Cleveland.   The community has only just begun to mourn the loss of Patrolman David Fahey Jr., who was killed early Tuesday while securing the scene around

VIDEO: Cop’s Dramatic Rescue

A Spokane, Washington, police officer is being credited with saving a woman’s life after pulling her from her burning car over the weekend. Officials said the woman called 911 around 10:00 p.m. saying she was trapped in her burning car on North Cannon Street near North Ridgeview Place. She said she was trying to kick

Hero Comes Home

Via WMAR Baltimore: The Queen Anne’s County sheriff’s deputy who was shot last month by a suspect just after Christmas was released from Shock Trauma Monday morning.   A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department said Dfc. Warren Scott Hogan is expected to be able to return to his home in Centreville.   He had been

VIDEO: He Earned It

The issue of cops in schools is not without controversy. There have been viral videos where school resource officers have not exactly been on the receiving end of praise for the way certain situations are handled. But like almost everything else these days, the negative stuff tends to trend and get shared on social media

VIDEO: Officer Receives Purple Heart

Meet new NYPD Police Officer Cory Paradine, Purple Heart recipient. Officer Paradine, who graduated the NYPD Police Academy yesterday, was protecting our nation prior to deciding to become a protector of New York City. Officer Paradine served in the United States Marine Corps and was deployed in Afghanistan. He received the Purple Heart Medal* for

Nice Work, Guys

Via CBS News: A couple of Norridge (IL) police officers were observed purchasing new shoes for a homeless man and then watching to make sure they fit.   They did this not knowing someone had taken a picture and did not wish to be personally recognized.   WBBM spoke with the two officers by telephone

Tragedy in PA

Via WPXI News: A Pennsylvania State Police trooper was shot and killed Friday night in Huntingdon County.   The shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. at a home on Baker’s Hollow Road in the town of Hesston, which is about 120 miles east of Pittsburgh.   According to a Pennsylvania State Police release, the trooper was

Cop Uniform History

Via SFGate.com: This week, we dug into the San Francisco Chronicle’s archives and put together 100 years’ worth of photos of the San Francisco Police Department in uniform. As many of the earlier photos show, diversity wasn’t always present in the force. It wasn’t until the 1970s that laws and attitudes began to change the

We Got Grandma!

Via SeattlePI.com: A local family’s grandma was almost stranded at the airport Christmas Eve, but a Renton police officer made sure she made it safely to her family.   Officer Cassidy Steed encountered a traffic crash in front of the Safeway on South Third Street about 7:39 a.m. No one was hurt, but a mom

Christmas Miracles

Via ABC News: There was one present in Connecticut this Christmas Eve that couldn’t wait to be delivered.   A pregnant woman was being rushed to the hospital to give birth when her brother had to pull over on a rain-slicked highway near Glastonbury because her baby was impatient and wanted to arrive before Santa