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Cops’ Records Sealed

Cops’ Records Sealed

Via The New York Times: The administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio has steadily expanded the city’s interpretation of a state law that bars public disclosure of the personnel records of police officers, firefighters, and corrections officers.   The issue reached a boiling point last year when the Police Department stopped providing disciplinary records to

VIDEO: You’re Not My Boss

Ed. note: What part of “illegal” don’t these people understand? And yes, we’re talking about the federal government. Via KGW.com: PORTLAND, Ore. – Following U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Portland speech decrying sanctuary cities, Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese tweeted his support of the county and city’s policies regarding illegal immigrants.   “Our community is

Suspected Murderer in Custody

Via The Associated Press: The slayings of two black men in Baton Rouge last week were likely racially motivated, police said Sunday, and a suspect — a 23-year-old white man — was in custody. In both shootings the gunman fired from his car then walked up to the victims as they were lying on the

Car Attack Defense

Via NPR: You might know it as a garbage truck.   But to police departments around the country, it has become a cutting-edge tool in law enforcement.   “More and more, we’re seeing attacks both in the U.S. and abroad where vehicles are utilized,” says Daniel Linskey, a retired Boston Police Department superintendent in chief

Nurse Cops Slammed

Via The Salt Lake Tribune: An internal affairs investigation into two Salt Lake City police officers involved in the arrest of a University Hospital nurse has found several department policies were violated during the July 26 confrontation.   Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced the investigation findings Wednesday in a news conference at City

VIDEO: Cop Keeps Cool

If you’re big and strong and know how to handle yourself, smacking the smirk off some wise-ass’s face is about as easy as tasks get. But when you’re a police officer in uniform, that’s just not an option. Check out this video of Deputy Scott Cottrell keeping cool, calm, and collected as a self-described “investigative

DOJ Likely to Toss Arpaio Case

Via USA Today: PHOENIX — Federal prosecutors who secured a criminal-contempt conviction against former Sheriff Joe Arpaio effectively relinquished their win on Monday, saying President Trump’s pardon has nullified the verdict.   But the pardon has also galvanized a slate of non-profits and constitutional attorneys, all who are urging a federal judge to uphold Arpaio’s

First NYPD Shooting Caught on Body Cam

Via The New York Times: Police officers fatally shot a 31-year-old Bronx man on Wednesday afternoon after they were called to his home by his landlord and the man confronted them with a knife and what turned out to be a toy gun with a laser, the authorities said. It was the first shooting involving

Arrest Flub Fallout Continues

Via NPR: The Salt Lake City hospital where a police officer roughly arrested a nurse who was protecting her patient’s rights in July will no longer allow law enforcement agents inside its patient care areas. They’ll now have to check in rather than enter through the emergency room.   “Law enforcement who come to the

Great Recruitment Effort

Via the San Jose Mercury News: SAN JOSE — With Silicon Valley Pride approaching this weekend, the San Jose Police Department is for the first time launching a campaign to recruit members of the LGBT community through a series of public initiatives and an intrepid ad campaign.   The campaign will feature identical ads showing