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Cops Love Data

Via USA Today: For more than a decade, coteries of academics, and ex-cops who became academics, have been selling the idea that CompStat, the police command accountability and crime strategy system developed in the New York Police Department in the mid-1990s, is responsible for the deterioration of police-community relations across the country.   Nothing could

Mayor Fires Chief

Via the Capital Gazette: Annapolis (MD) Mayor Mike Pantelides has fired Police Chief Michael Pristoop (pictured above).   In a statement released Wednesday morning, Pantelides said Pristoop’s firing was “not about the person, but rather about creating a new direction for policing and enforcement efforts, while generating new initiatives in our police department.”   Maj.

Sheriffs Meet Trump

Via The Washington Post: At a meeting on Tuesday with sheriffs from across the country, President Trump joked about destroying the career of an unnamed Texas state senator who supported curtailing a controversial police practice for seizing people’s property.   At the meeting, Trump asked the assembled sheriffs if anyone wanted to “make a statement

Super Bowl Security

Via the Houston Chronicle: With tens of thousands of visitors flooding to Houston for Super Bowl LI and protests already surfacing across the city, local and federal law enforcement officers said Tuesday they will remain on high alert to ensure the week-long events go off safely.   Game-goers and visitors to the myriad events across

Cops Get Protections

Via KASU.com: The Arkansas House overwhelmingly passed a measure to enhance penalties for those who target law enforcement or first responders in a crime.   State Representative Dwight Tosh, a retired state police officer from Jonesboro, indirectly referenced Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, and targeted shootings throughout the nation last year.   “Law enforcement

VIDEO: Cop’s Now Famous

Ed. note: The job has never been easy, and it’s about to get a lot harder. When the Feds make moves, as they did over the weekend with a poorly planned and executed executive order on illegal immigration, it’s almost always the cops (as opposed to the feds or the administration) under the bright glare of

Here We Go Again

Via Fox News: To build his highly touted deportation force, President Donald Trump is reviving a long-standing program that deputizes local officers to enforce federal immigration law.   The program received scant attention during a week in which Trump announced plans to build a border wall, hire thousands more federal agents and impose restrictions on

One Dangerous Dude

Via the Chicago Tribune: A Crystal Lake attorney has been charged with multiple felonies after authorities said he drove under the influence of alcohol while in possession of a loaded gun and then was found to have dozens of weapons in his home despite losing his concealed carry license and firearm owner’s card.   Authorities

VIDEO: Advanced Police Training

Via the Chicago Sun Times: The first thing you notice, arriving at the Chicago Police Training Academy, is that it’s teeming with cadets. The Near West Side facility is the busiest it’s been in awhile, with the police department ramping up efforts to hire 1,000 new officers.   Cadets in the halls walk in formation