NYPD belt tightening

The New York Post, which is the preferred daily for cops in Gotham, recently ran a story suggesting that many of the tens of thousands of men and women in the NYPD are hugely overweight. But this wasn’t some academic elitist with fancy books and charts from the ivory tower saying New York’s Finest are […]

Lawsuit payout bombshell

Some people say there will never be any real reforms like changes to police training until cops, as opposed to taxpayers, are on the hook for cash settlements resulting from use of force related lawsuits. And in Baltimore, a city where payouts from lawsuits have been massive, FOP President Gene Ryan is warning his members […]

Why I’m police

In Colorado, Officer Isaac Gallegos is a 13-year veteran with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. Unlike some, that simply become cops because that’s the traditional line of work in their family, Gallegos never thought he’d be on patrol. “Oddly enough, when I was growing up I never wanted to be a cop. Never even crossed […]

Super Bowl craziness

Well congratulations Philly. On behalf on non-Patriots fans everywhere thank you for finally defeating the Great Satan- otherwise known and Tom Brady and The New England Patriots. Oddly enough- it looks like Philadelphia’s still standing, despite numerous predictions that hometown fans would lose their freakin’ minds and cause all kinds of mayhem. It’s always a […]

Who’s in charge?

Describing the lack of urgency and action at the federal level regarding the opioid crisis as outrageous would be charitable. The first “Opioid Czar,” was supposed to be White House spokesperson Kelly Ann Conway. Then it was supposed to be some 24-year-old think tank kid with zero experience. So if you’re struggling with the crisis […]

Chief of security (guards)

In New York, Daniel Derenda recently retired as Buffalo police commissioner. Like a lot of law enforcement professionals these days, Derenda is getting into the booming and global private security guard industry. While many former officers and chiefs are starting their own security companies, Derenda is signing on with the world’s biggest. Derenda is now […]

Warrior Women

The Austin Police Association has a new calendar out featuring female officers called “Warrior Women.” who serve on the force. “Showing the real female officer is what we aimed to do by producing the 2018 Warrior Women of APD Calendar. It was an effort to show the public a version of us, the police, from […]