Life challenges?

Thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of law enforcement professionals, the Austin bomber, 23-year-old Mark Conditt, was identified and pursued before the suspect took the cowards way out and blew himself up. Bombing civilian targets, ostensibly to promote some kind of ideology, is about as close to a working definition of […]

Heroes and Horses

by Rafael Rosa Like Boston and New York City, the Newark, New Jersey Mounted Unit began modestly with one single purpose – to deter crime with a more dramatic police presence and ensure the horses’ future in our community. Across the country, budget cuts have adversely impacted some of our nation’s finest police mounted units. […]

Marry me!

In Duluth, Minnesota, Police Officer Matthew Jay stopped by the Weinstein School to take part in “Community Helpers Week,” but he had an ulterior motive. Jay was really there to pop the question to his girlfriend, a preschool teacher at the school. As Jay posed by his patrol car with girlfriend Aliza Sandler and her […]

Be right back

The term “stand off” generally implies that the two parties in conflict are in fact at the same location. But in Indiana, during a standoff between Terre Haute police officers and murder suspect Michael R. Reynolds, 36, the suspect went to Walmart. Then he came back. Reynolds, 36, is accused of fatally shooting Amanda Kerns, […]

DA’s vs. Cops

If you do a quick Google news search using “district attorney,” and “police,” as the key words, you’ll notice that something odd is happening. In many parts of the country where police and prosecutors used to be largely on the same side, those relationships are now marked by increasing acrimony and hostility. There are some […]

Officer killed

Authorities have identified, Isaias De Jesus Valencia, 39, as the suspect in the shooting that caused the death of one officer and the wounding of another in Pomona California recently. Valencia was apprehended Saturday after barricading himself in an apartment where he staged a standoff for more than 15 hours, authorities said. Pomona Police Officer […]

You’re no cop!

There was an infamous case a few years back where a Tulsa, Oklahoma A jury found a sheriff’s deputy . Robert Bates guilty of second-degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed suspect. It’s unclear if this seemingly troubled individual works for the same agency. What is clear is there are some problems with […]

Police versus prosecutors

In places like Austin, Texas, Philadelphia (PA) and Houston, relationships between police unions and district attorneys have soured. In Austin, police association officials filed a temporary injunction recently against Austin’s police monitor to keep the office out of Austin Police Department records and investigations. Click here for more on that. In Philadelphia, there are accusations […]

Fatherless Christmas

One of the things you’ll hear first if you ask a cop what they don’t like about the job is the stuff about missing all the holidays and birthdays that civilians get to go to but cops frequently don’t. Christmas is especially difficult because cops, like most other people, would rather be celebrating with friends […]