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Who Knows? Who Cares?

Who Knows? Who Cares?

Via Mother Jones: In violation of a long-standing legal mandate, scores of federal law enforcement agencies are failing to submit statistics to the FBI’s national hate crimes database, ProPublica has learned.   The lack of participation by federal law enforcement represents a significant and largely unknown flaw in the database, which is supposed to be

Cops On the Stand

Via the Los Angeles Times: The case seemed open and shut.   Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Justin Walter told a jury how he had pulled over a sport utility vehicle for an expired registration tag.   The veteran sergeant went into detail about the stop — how he saw the SUV’s passenger sneak his

VIDEO: The Game’s Rigged

Via The Star Ledger: “We all suspect it, but is it true? Are boardwalk games rigged? State investigators from an under-the-radar unit at the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs will often follow up on complaints by covertly visiting outlets at peak hours and ferreting out violations of the laws that govern “games of chance.” “That

Handling Disabled Protestors

Ed. note: Excellent work by the Capitol Police officers, who were forced by federal prosecutors yesterday to remove disabled protestors. Dealing with protestors is always a challenge, but when they are in wheelchairs and suffering from serious health problems, it can be extremely difficult. Via Time: U.S. Capitol Police forcibly removed demonstrators and disability advocates

“You’re a F*in Coward!”

Via KTUL.com: TULSA, Oklahoma – News On 6 obtained an audio recording of a phone call made by Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton (pictured above) in which he curses at a Tulsa Police officer and calls him a coward.   Sheriff Walton says he was standing up for his deputy and he wouldn’t change a thing.

Sheriff Faces the Music

Via AL.com: Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin (pictured above) said she’s complied with court orders, met her constitutional duty and adequately fed inmates in the local jail. But a civil rights group in Georgia, one long since monitoring that jail, says she should be held in contempt of court for pocketing money meant for inmate

Cops and Surfers

Via ABC News: When panic ensued on the shores of Rockaway Beach in New York on Monday, a nearby police officer jumped into action to save the day.   Sisters Jennifer and Jessica Padilla were caught by a strong rip current and swept away from the shore. They were struggling to stay afloat when NYPD

Sessions Begs Congress

Via The Washington Post: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking congressional leaders to undo federal medical marijuana protections that have been in place since 2014, according to a May letter that became public Monday.   The protections, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, prohibit the Justice Department from using federal funds to prevent certain states “from

Insurance and Reform

Via The Atlantic: When When Anthony Miranda was sworn in as police chief of Irwindale, California, four years ago, the department in this small gravel-mining city about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles was in the midst of a downward spiral. Three officers had recently been accused of serious crimes. One had embezzled $250,000 of

Stuck On Stupid

White House sources say President Trump is very close to firing acting Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Should that happen, it’s unclear what Sessions’ support for mandatory minimums and longer sentencing will mean for criminal justice reform. Via CNN: Susan Rice lifts her hands to her face. She pushes aside her gray hair and wipes away