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Sheriff Wants Out

Sheriff Wants Out

Via FauQuier.com: (Virginia)—The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Department is dropping its application to partner with federal-immigration officials under the controversial 287(g) program because Sheriff Bob Mosier no longer believes it’s necessary.   Mosier said Wednesday he made the decision because of what he understands to be a recent change in protocol by U.S. Immigration and Customs

Ft. Lauderdale: What Went Wrong

Via the Sun Sentinel: The 12 hours of turmoil that engulfed Fort Lauderdale’s airport after a gunman slaughtered five travelers in January was sparked by false reports of gunshots and aggravated by authorities who struggled to manage the crisis.   Security screeners abandoned their posts and ran; a swarm of police officers terrified passengers and

Police Report Questioned

Via the Los Angeles Times: The Chicago aviation officers who forcibly removed a passenger from a United Airlines flight filed reports saying the traveler was “aggressive” when responding to requests to give up his seat and flailed his arms while fighting with officers.   The reports, released Monday in response to Freedom of Information Act

“This Terrorist Thing”

It’s very hard to get sense of how much we’ve spent on the sprawling, wildly disorganized bureaucracy known as the Department of Homeland Security since 2001. Lowball estimates are about half a trillion. It’s even harder, despite many taking a crack at it, to know what it is DHS actually does. Not even the inspector

VIDEO: Arrest Goes Viral

Via CBS News: A mother is fuming after her 10-year-old son with autism was handcuffed, placed into a police car and taken from an Okeechobee County school.   “Does a child not have the same rights as an adult?”   Mother Luanne Haygood captured the entire video and posted it to Facebook.   “I was

Police and Integrity

Via the Los Angeles Times: It would be more difficult for police departments in California to discipline officers accused of lying under under a plan proposed by a Los Angeles lawmaker.   Democratic Assemblyman Miguel Santiago of Los Angeles believes current rules allow law enforcement agencies to unfairly target cops who simply make mistakes. His

DOJ Drops Ball

The one thing that’s exceedingly clear about the current administration is that they’re very big on press releases, memos, and executive orders that are largely symbolic in nature. A good rule of thumb, at least as far as the criminal justice system is concerned, is don’t pink slip everyone before you’ve lined up replacements. After

Pursuit Policies Questioned

Via the Newnan Times Herald: The question of risk vs. reward was recently tested following a recent high-speed pursuit by Newnan Police Department (GA) and Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.   The pursuit of a person suspected of armed robbery began outside the Newnan Pavilion retail area. The chase lasted only six minutes before the driver

Gun-Free Zones

Via Greenville Online: Law enforcement officials and anti-violence activists are blasting a state proposal that would allow South Carolinians to carry guns — concealed or openly — without a permit or any training, saying it would endanger police and the general public.   “It would create opportunities for additional violence to occur,” said Greenville Police

Punisher Police Department

Trying to explain why using imagery from comic books to brand your agency is appropriate can be challenging. Via Syracuse.com: Solvay, N.Y. — The Solvay police won’t be removing the decals of The Punisher, a comic book vigilante character, off their vehicles, a department lieutenant said Wednesday afternoon.   “The Punisher symbol on the patrol