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Cop Wins Lawsuit

Cop Wins Lawsuit

Via Law A former cop in Alabama doesn’t have to worry about her lawsuit victory, at least for now. On Thursday, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the verdict for ex-Tuscaloosa Police Officer Stephanie Hicks, who said she was chased off the force after she returned from maternity leave.   “The City maintains

Phillie Cops Win $8M O.T. Settlement

The Philadelphia FOP just won a dispute over overtime rules—and it may be the first win of its type for a police union. The controversy and subsequent legal battle erupted when the city of Philadelphia refused to pay its officers, who were required by the agency to check their phones and e-mails when they were

No Overtime for Agents

Via Marketwatch: The U.S. Secret Service has reportedly spent about $60,000 on golf cart rentals alone this year to protect President Donald Trump during the dozen trips he’s taken to his Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster resorts since his inauguration.   That’s an interesting, albeit relatively small, part of a broader problem facing the agency with Trump

Cops Use Video to Go for Pay Raise

Shreveport Police Pay Issue | No More Excuses from Shreveport POA on Vimeo. The Shreveport Police Officers Association is continuing to fight for pay raises for Shreveport officers. This time, they took to social media, releasing a video asking for “No Excuses.” The Shreveport police posted this video, requesting better leadership and pay raises for officers. The

Texas Cops Oppose Anti-Union Bill

Via the Texas Observer:   The Texas Senate passed a bill this week that appears to have driven a wedge between the Texas GOP and one of its key constituencies: law enforcement.   “The very livelihood I’ve chosen, it seems the Republican Party is coming after it, and I don’t understand why,” Scott Leeton, president

Double Billing Taxpayers

Via the Idaho Statesman: AUSTIN, Texas — Law enforcement agencies across Texas are rushing to secure additional funding after the state Department of Public Safety surprised them by announcing it will start charging for crime lab services.   Police chiefs and sheriffs said they weren’t expecting Thursday’s announcement that charges will be imposed starting Sept. 1.

Outsiders Clamor for Contract Changes

According to a report from CBS News, a coalition of community and legal groups is calling for changes in Chicago Police Union contracts. They say those contracts make it easier for misconduct to exist.Of particular concern is the contract provision that prohibits anonymous complaints of police conduct and requires sworn statements from victims. But Fraternal

That’s Just Sad

Ed. note: People probably don’t remember who Jeh Johnson is, but he’s the former United States Secretary of Homeland Security. The DHS continues to be a totally chaotic and massive bureaucracy in which no one really seems to know what they’re doing. For instance, DHS says there was no Russian hacking around the recent election.

Arbitration Challenges

Via The Miami Herald: Over the past three years, nine Miami police officers have been fired — accused of everything from unjustly shooting a suspect to sleeping on the job to firing a gun in a drunken rage while off-duty.   All but one of them have gotten their jobs back through an automatic review

New Budget Shortchanges Vets

Via Military Times: President Donald Trump’s “taxpayer focused” budget for fiscal 2018 includes smaller cost-of-living adjustments for veterans benefits payouts and eliminating those adjustments for some federal civilian retirees altogether.   The controversial suggestions are likely to be met with opposition from outside advocates and some lawmakers, but White House officials insist the moves are