Cops get screwed

Wouldn’t it be great to see a little extra money in your paycheck- especially if you’re risking your life to protect and serve as a police officer? Well a bunch of cops working at military bases might have thought their dreams came true when an accounting error put some extra funds in their paychecks (about […]

Google PD

Technology is rapidly changing law enforcement. Whether those changes are for better or worse remains to be seen. But there’s no question that major tech companies like Google and Amazon see tremendous profits to be made in the law enforcement arena. Here’s an excerpt from a Techcrunch article about an investigation in Florida. “According to […]

Secret police

Private security, homeland security and pretty much anything branded “security” is big business these days. In fact, there’s so much money to be made by privatizing public safety (thereby making it “security”) that the investment arm of the Central Intelligence Agency and major players from Silicon Valley are lining up for a share of the […]

Turn back now!

“This city does not support public safety. Enter at your own risk.” It’s entirely unclear if there was a case where one of these police association billboards advising people to move away or whatever ever led to a better deal at the soon-to-be missing bargain table but one thing’s for sure- people love these signs. […]

He’s with us

In San Francisco right now, it’s all about Tasers. The Mayor, a close political ally of one of the local police unions, and Chief Bill Scott are at odds about who should be in charge of setting policies for the officers use of the ECDs. The mayor is lining up with the SFPOA and the […]