Police union predictions

There are a lot of people that know quite a bit about police unions, (some prefer the term “associations”) how contract negotiations actually work and what’s in store for the future. But no one knows more about this stuff than Ron DeLord. From the Texas Observer: “The former head of the Combined Law Enforcement Association […]

Really Small Potatoes

Via 11Alive.com: The City of Atlanta is offering financial incentives to help fill open positions in the police force. Three separate incentives are aimed at helping fill crime scene technicians, 911 dispatchers and police officers.   One referral bonus is targeted towards City of Atlanta employees and offers a $500 referral bonus “for recruiting new […]

This Deal Stinks

Via U.S. News & World Report: A state arbitrator has given Jersey City officials largely everything they wanted in a contract dispute with the local police union.   The decision from arbitrator James Mastriani was handed down Wednesday. The Jersey Journal reports the new contract will run through 2020 and impact about 700 officers.   […]

VIDEO: Detectives Fight Plan to Cut Pensions

by Michael J. Palladino President Detectives Endowment Association/New York City Here in the State of New York, there is a push by some political factions to hold a new Constitutional Convention. The position of the Detectives’ Endowment Association has been “vote NO” on this referendum. Not only would a Constitutional Convention needlessly cost the New […]

Cop Wins Lawsuit

Via Law Newz.com: A former cop in Alabama doesn’t have to worry about her lawsuit victory, at least for now. On Thursday, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the verdict for ex-Tuscaloosa Police Officer Stephanie Hicks, who said she was chased off the force after she returned from maternity leave.   “The City maintains […]