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Pension Plans in Peril

Pension Plans in Peril

Law enforcement people around the country are starting to panic that pensions they were counting on and are guaranteed by contract law are in serious jeopardy. For decades law enforcement people who took on one of the most difficult, stressful but important jobs in our society could be confident that after they retired they could

Officers Leaving in Droves

Via the NY Daily News: More NYPD cops are putting in their papers and retiring early according to the city’s largest police union.   Citing data from the New York City Police Pension Fund, officials with the PBA of New York City said 506 officers resigned from the 35,000-member force in 2016 — about a

Police Funding Questions

Ed. Note: President-elect Donald Trump enjoys a lot of political support in police circles. Unfortunately, those officers will be likely trying to “do more with less” if Trump cuts off federal funding to places the new administration considers “sanctuary cities.” Via Buzzfeed: Cops who viewed Donald Trump as their law-and-order ally could now lose essential funding

Carrots and Sticks

Via the New York Post: Most NYPD cops don’t want to wear body cameras — but they may soon get paid for their trouble.   In an effort to sweeten the pot in contract talks with the police union, City Hall is offering a 1 percent salary bump for officers forced to use the equipment,

Money in the Mattress

Via the Wall St. Journal: Dallas police and firefighters are withdrawing hundreds of millions from their retirement plan following a series of investment blunders, heightening the risk that a major U.S. pension fund could run out of money.   The revolt by members of the $2.27 billion Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund offers an

Trump Puts OT, Benefits On Chopping Block

Ed. note: We just saw this alarming (but not surprising) story in The Washington Post. This is similar to what Elaine Cho (Labor Secretary in the George W. Bush administration) tried to do—change the wording of the Fair Labor Standards Acts to sneak through a provision to limit overtime for police, teachers, firefighters etc. If the

Reality’s a Bitch

For the folks that really believed that Donald Trump was going to “build that wall, lock her up, and bomb the crap out of ISIS!” the next year or so is almost guaranteed to be filled with disappointment. Trump supporters may actually be just as disappointed as Obama supporters after he didn’t do any of

Take Us Out To the Ballgame

Off-duty cops will no longer be patrolling inside sports stadiums and other high-risk public venues after the NYPD failed to reach an agreement over liability issues during recent negotiations. The Yankees and Madison Square Garden will use private security guards instead of uniformed NYPD officers going forward. — — There are several reasons for the

The Unthinkable May Come to Pass

By all accounts, Dallas Police Department’s pension fund is in a bad way. Rumors that the fund could become insolvent are rampant and there have been scores of retirements including the Chief, David Brown, and the president of the union, Ron Pinkston. The crisis comes as the Dallas Police Department negotiates with City Hall to

Pension Panic in Dallas

Via ABC/WFAA: Ken Sprecher was a Dallas police officer for 31 years. He retired in 2005 believing he was promised to receive a great pension.   “That was the selling point when you recruit and try to retain folks. That you may not make it up-front with salary but that you would have a secure