Man with a plan

Joseph Gamaldi has a lot of work ahead of him. Elected by a 9-1 margin in late October, Gamaldi is now the leader of the Houston Police Officers’ Union on Thursday at a crucial time for the Houston Police Department. The New York native, just 34 years-old, is a passionate defender of the rights of […]

And we’re out

In Texas, there has been a lot of well-publicized problems with the pension system in Dallas that has been blamed for the departure of a large number of police officers. Now it’s happening in Austin as well. Roughly two dozen Austin police officers have retired within the past week in response to the City Council […]

Money and power

There are certain people you’d naturally expect to be very happy about the likelihood of the US Supreme Court castrating the power of public sector unions like the ones many police officers pay dues to for representation. These would be billionaires, CEOs and politicians. Even the DOJ has submitted a bried asking the justices to […]

War of words

When you’re a cop and contract talks are coming up, you hope and pray that no one says or does anything to poison the well prior to negotiations. In Chicago, The Fraternal Order of Police and the city will sit down soon at the bargaining table to make a new deal. But based on complaints […]

Police union predictions

There are a lot of people that know quite a bit about police unions, (some prefer the term “associations”) how contract negotiations actually work and what’s in store for the future. But no one knows more about this stuff than Ron DeLord. From the Texas Observer: “The former head of the Combined Law Enforcement Association […]

Really Small Potatoes

Via The City of Atlanta is offering financial incentives to help fill open positions in the police force. Three separate incentives are aimed at helping fill crime scene technicians, 911 dispatchers and police officers.   One referral bonus is targeted towards City of Atlanta employees and offers a $500 referral bonus “for recruiting new […]

Overtime and Terrorists

Via For most public agencies, employee pay stubs and overtime data are matters of public record, kept on file to hand over immediately to anyone who asks for them.   At the New Jersey State Police, those same records are a state secret.   But a Superior Court judge on Monday ordered the division […]