Cops keep cash

In West Virginia, the proposal to at least require a criminal conviction prior to the state (in this case law enforcement agencies and prosecutors) before taking property and money from law abiding citizens never really had a chance. The truth is that the government needs the money. If anyone wanted to know what small government […]

Going out swinging

In Milwaukee, Police Chief Edward Flynn has announced his impending retirement. But he’s also in a heated war of words with the Police Commission. Flynn says Police Commission member MaryNell Regan tried to interfere into an internal investigation. “I truthfully answered a direct question regarding a recent internal investigation that resulted in discipline,” Flynn told […]

The Ottawa Effect

In Canada, between 1961 and 2009, 133 police officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty. That shakes out to about 2 cops feloniously killed annually. The USA has roughly 10 times the population of Canada so even you adjust that metric for population cops are still killed at less than half the rate […]

Rule of law

The federal government is responsible for immigration enforcement. But for whatever reasons federal immigration authorities need lots of help from local law enforcement to meet their quotas and out up good numbers. One of the ways that the feds rely on local LE involves what are known as “detainer requests.” That’s when the feds call […]

The training sucks

What does it mean with the local chapter of the NAACP and the local police union agree on something? Generally speaking, the NAACP and the FOP have wildly different goals. But when it comes to just how poorly trained new Baltimore police recruits are and the kind of danger that poor training represents for cops […]

Where’s the stuff?

If you read American Police Beat, you might have read an article or two about the rapidly changing way police agencies pay for vehicles, body armor and other equipment that they need. In the old days this stuff was paid for with tax dollars. But these days there are a lot of wealthy people helping […]

The Bodyguard

In Nashville there’s something like a soap opera playing out between the mayor, her police sergeant boyfriend/bodyguard and the locals. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is doing mea culpas all over the place, apologizing for an extra marital affair she had with her boyfriend/bodyguard. I know God forgives, but the people of Nashville don’t have to […]

Sincere apology offered

Brianne Randall-Gay was 17 years old when she went to see Michigan State University sports medicine doctor Larry Nassar for back pain. Like so many other victims, Nassar used his position of authority to sexually abuse a child in his care. Randall-Gay told authorities about what had happened. But Nassar convinced investigators that nothing criminal […]