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Cops, Meet Bus!

Via A new federal report calls out the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department (WA) for its “non-cooperation” with President Donald Trump’s stepped-up efforts to round up and deport those in this country illegally. And county Sheriff Ty Trenary (above) isn’t the least bit pleased by what seems a public shaming of law enforcement agencies that

Don’t Do It!

Via EL PASO, Texas – Wednesday more than 40 El Pasoans traveled to Austin for more hearings for SB4, the so called “anti-sanctuary city bill.”   Deputy Chief Tom Witten of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is worried that SB4 will continue to move forward, even though El Paso is not a sanctuary

Looser Rules Needed

Ed. note: The expansion of protections for individuals in Florida came too late for a retired cop who shot and killed another man in a Florida movie theater. And it’s interesting to look at what the original legislation produced, as far as rates of justifiable homicides and homicide numbers in general. Gun-related homicides are up

Deputy’s Jury Duty

Via The Gleaner: A juror’s failure to disclose his connections with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office could scuttle the conviction of an alleged drug dealer.   Public Defender Jason Pfiel told The Gleaner he is seeking a new trial for client Chad Rauch, 37, 800 block of Mill Street, who was found guilty by a

More Serious Threats

Via the New York Daily News: A South Carolina man with white supremacist ties was busted for buying a gun to commit a shooting “in the spirit of Dylann Roof,” according to a federal complaint.   Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, 29, was arrested Wednesday after purchasing a .40 caliber Glock handgun and ammunition from an

Please, Mr. President

Via The Advocate: Legal and law enforcement leaders from the Baton Rouge area called on the Trump administration Sunday to keep current Middle District U.S. Attorney Walt Green in his role, after their request for resignations from all U.S. attorneys.   East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III sent the letter to President Donald

No Plainclothes

Via The Baltimore Sun: Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Wednesday that he is effectively ending plainclothes policing in Baltimore after the federal indictments of seven officers last week.   Known on the streets as “knockers” or “jump-out boys,” the officers were most often seen wearing tactical vests, jeans and backwards hats as they prowled

ICE Follies Continue

Via The Denver Channel: A Gunnison man born in Colorado was picked up by immigration officers after a court appearance and illegally detained in immigration detention centers across the state for days, according to two newly-filed federal lawsuits.   Bernardo Medina, 22, is Hispanic and was born in Montrose in May 1994. He and his

Cop Fights City

Via The Orlando Sentinel: The city of Orlando ordered a police officer diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after the Pulse nightclub mass shooting to go back to work Monday in a clerical role, but he did not show up.   Gerry Realin’s doctor said he was fit enough to do clerical work, but only outside