Cops back Quarterback

Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois was suspected in a recent domestic violence incident. That investigation is now closed and police say there’s no case. That happened Tuesday night, the Tallahassee Democrat reported, in a case that is now closed. Francois was not arrested by the responding officer because of conflicting reports. According to the ABC […]

Mayor or Monster?

In Mechanicville, New York police officers say they live in perpetual fear of Mayor Dennis Baker. So they’ve filed a personnel complaint against Mayor Dennis Baker, charging him with intimidation, harassment and behavior that is demeaning and threatening. Like most of these stories this involves a municipality with just 5,100 residents. In small towns people […]

$27 dollar Whoppers

Cops are people too and like civilians, they’re about to get hammered on their bills from their “internet providers.” Here’s the thing about net neutrality- it’s really simple but can seem complicated. Fiber optics, broadband, and interoperability are complex things. But giving away what used to be the public airwaves (that police and the public […]

Police backing citizens

In Greece, a police union has put the government on notice, saying that they will not support a new government plan to use police officers to provide protection for notary services involved in shady foreclosures on Greek homeowners. In an announcement titled “We will not kick Greeks out of their homes,” POASY said the measure […]

I’m watching you!

Imagine coming to work and getting an email like this from your boss. “My eyes are open and I am watching you. I advise you to get on board and work in unity with me for the greater good or get out of my way before I come to you,” Mason told Hinds County Sheriff’s […]

Making it legal

In Florida, sheriffs from 17 Florida counties say they will partner in an immigration detainer agreement with ICE. The agreement is nothing more than 287G from 1997 with some new language about a housing agreement that would let local sheriffs hold individuals for up to 48 hours after they’ve completed their sentences for federal immigration […]

No legal limit

When a police officer stops a driver suspected of DUI (involving alcohol) we do have tests that can accurately determine how intoxicated an individual is by measuring the amount of alcohol in that person’s blood. When it comes to marijuana (or cannabis) there are no such tests. Instead it comes down to the best guess […]

Sheriff in clear

In Tennessee, a special prosecutor has dismissed all 12 felony counts against Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson. Jimmy Dunn, 4th Judicial District Attorney General, said in a news release the state’s case involved allegations that Watson failed to pay taxes on vehicles he bought in Florida and sold in Tennessee in 2016. In July 2017, […]