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Chicago Suicide Epidemic

Chicago Suicide Epidemic

Via Reuters: Rookie Chicago police officer Scott Tracz sat in a black sports car outside his girlfriend’s suburban house late last year, put his gun to his head and fatally shot himself.   The normally upbeat Tracz, 30, had become withdrawn and sullen, struggling with the violence he witnessed as an officer but rejecting advice

Police Vs. Prosecutors

Via TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — It’s been around for 80 years, but for the Tulsa Police union, this was a first.   “Up to this point we’ve never done anything like this,” said Jerad Lindsey of the Tulsa police union.   A grievance complaint, the cops against the DA, in a filing with the Oklahoma

Jeff’s Safe Spaces

Via Vice: Prosecutors are proceeding in the case against a 61-year-old protester who was arrested for laughing during Attorney General Jeff Session’s confirmation hearings, the Huffington Post reports.   Desiree Fairooz, a seasoned activist affiliated with the well-known group Code Pink, apparently chuckled in disbelief when Alabama Senator Richard Shelby testified that the man tapped

Trouble for Famous Sheriff

Via The Business Insider: A man in a jail run by Sheriff David Clarke died after almost a week without access to running water — but that did not stop the jail from continuing to withhold water to punish inmates.   Terrill Thomas, 38, was found dead on the floor of his cell at the

Political Violence Rising

Via Raw Story: A 19-year-old former Transylvania University student has been arrested after a machete attack on the central Kentucky campus left a woman injured, police said.   Lexington, Kentucky, police said Mitchell W. Adkins, of Cincinnati, walked into Jazzman’s Cafe on campus armed with a machete and a bag full of knives shortly before

Ex-Sheriff Could Get Two Years

Via CBS News: Prosecutors are seeking a two-year prison term for ex-Sheriff Lee Baca for conspiring to obstruct a federal grand jury investigation into civil rights abuses and corruption within Los Angeles County jails, but the defense is asking for a sentence of home detention, court papers obtained Tuesday show.   Baca, 74, was convicted

We Need Cops!

Via The San Diego Union Tribune: San Diego’s struggles to recruit and retain police officers have gotten worse since last fall, prompting the leader of the city’s police officers labor union to demand new solutions and “straight talk” from city politicians.   Despite recent compensation increases and stepped-up recruiting efforts, the number of officer vacancies

How Was School Today?

Via No drugs were found in a search of Worth County High School in Georgia Friday; a search that has the community buzzing.   Students went home to tell parents that not only did law enforcement search the school for drugs, but their persons were patted down by officers.   Worth Co. Sheriff Jeff

Build That Wall

For many of the people still believe in constitutional principals like the separation of church in state, a ruling out of Alabama that will let a mega-church create its own police force is problematic on several levels. The last thing anyone wants is more law enforcement personnel answering not to superiors, chiefs and judges, but

Tancredo: Fire the Sheriffs!

Via Breitbart: Local sheriffs traditionally have been among the strongest advocates for robust enforcement of federal immigration law, but the Obama years have left a legacy of nonenforcement masquerading as a “Priority Enforcement Program.”   Sheriffs in Denver, Houston, Austin and elsewhere have announced their vigorous opposition to cooperation with federal law enforcement. The problem