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VIDEO: Cop Car History

Via FOX News: Ford took the occasion of the launch of its first hybrid pursuit-rated police car to take a look back at the history of its law enforcement vehicles.   The automaker has posted a fun fact-filled animated video that traces the development of its cruisers from the first official police package offered on

Weird-Ass Video

Via Fox 32 News: TAVARES, Florida – A sheriff’s department PSA about heroin overdoses in his county was questioned by some on social media over the weekend, because of the way some officers were dressed.   In the video, Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell of Lake County, Florida, is surrounded by four officers wearing balaclavas (masks).

Phony Terror Training

Ed. note: We’ve done a lot of stories on guys like Guandolo and the highly lucrative police terror training circuit. This stuff is entertainment, not intelligence. But phony terror experts and trainers continue to cash in, and they’re very popular, no matter how many times they are exposed as frauds. People are free to spend

Quite the Cocktail

Via FOX News: Police recently arrested a trucker they say drove nonstop from Seattle to Massachusetts fueled by crystal meth, LSD, and cocaine.   Deerfield police say they responded to a convenience store parking lot off Interstate 91 for reports of a trucker who appeared to be despondent after locking himself out of his cab.

VIDEO: Kid Hugs Cop

Via USA Today: Forth Worth police Officer Anthony Colter was taking a break at a local McDonald’s when he noticed he’d caught the attention of a child nearby.   Jamie Hubbard told NBC’s “TODAY” she eating with her son, TJ, last week when she noticed he’d become fascinated by seeing a real-life police officer.   “TJ

VIDEO: Cool, Calm, Collected

Everyone seems to be talking about how no one wants to be a cop anymore. The reasons are many. For instance, a career in law enforcement no longer comes with the promise of a decent retirement with a livable pension, due to the political powers that be. Additionally, it’s always been a thankless and extremely

VIDEO: Cop’s No Dummy

Via EAU CLAIRE, Wis. – After a man pretending to be an IRS agent left a threatening voicemail for a Wisconsin police officer, the department decided to call back.   In the Facebook video of the exchange, officer Kyle Roder calls the number and asks, “Hello, is this the IRS? It said to call

Boss Spies On Cops

Via The Marshall News Messenger: Marshall (TX) — Police Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa (pictured above) denies targeting officers by secretly installing GPS tracking systems in their patrol cars or making inappropriate public comments about personnel — allegations brought to the city’s attention by the Texas Municipal Police Association.   TMPA, a labor organization that aims

VIDEO: He Got SWATted!

Warning: This video contains some mild adult language, in case there are kiddies in the room. If you’re an adult—scratch that, if you’re an adult who doesn’t spend most of your time gaming online—things like SWATting, “Gamergate,” and Twitch streams are likely something you hear about in the news but don’t quite understand. Here’s a