Sounds about right

President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law the day before yesterday making it easier for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun. The National Rifle Association was obviously thrilled. Chris Cox, NRA-ILA executive director, said the move “marks a new era for law-abiding gun owners, as we now have a president who […]

Winning back trust

In Washington State, the Tukwila Police Department is working hard to let immigrants know that they can still call 911 without being deported. An immigrant called 911 and reported someone sneaking around his residence. Within an hour, police officers had brought the man to an ICE facility. “It’s sad. It’s sad. It’s just unfortunate that […]

Tree cow rescue

There’s no code-10 category for a “cow in a tree in distress” call but they do happen In California recently police made a dramatic animal rescue and it was all caught on video. The sheriff’s office said it’s unknown how long it was stuck there, “but the edges of the tree where it was stuck […]