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Facebook Suspensions Increasing

Facebook Suspensions Increasing

Via Raw Story: A deputy sheriff in Kentucky has been suspended after he posted a Facebook message that gloated about a “Muslim holler monkey” getting “evicted” at around the same time as President Donald Trump’s inauguration.   Local news station WSAZ reports that a Boyd County deputy sheriff came under fire last month for posting

VIDEO: You People Suck!

Here’s the thing about advertisements on television (or cell phones, or tablets, or whatever): When they’re good, they’re great, and when they stink, they get really annoying. One of the most annoying ads in the history of advertising is a campaign for the Chevy Cruise, featuring “real people.” That’s pretty slick because actors are indeed “real

Hot On Twitter

There are some agencies that use social media very well, indeed. These would be agencies like the Bangor, Maine, Police Department and the Lawrence, Kansas, PD. So, what’s their secret? How do some agencies manage to use social media so well, while it works out so disastrously elsewhere? Turns out it’s pretty simple. The popular

Best 911 Call Ever!

Via USA Today: A woman called police in Australia on Sunday to complain about an “outrageous” price hike on marijuana in her community.   The Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services said in a Facebook post it was one of the most “unusual” calls authorities have received.     According to police, the woman

VIDEO: Which One’s Seamus?

Let’s be honest. Most of the time, protests, at least from a working cop’s perspective, are a huge pain in the ass. Cops are frequently subjected to verbal abuse and stand an excellent chance of being injured as they try and protect the protestors, the counter-protestors, and public and private properties. But the marches in

Drunk and Stupid

Via Yahoo! News: At least he was honest.   The 25-year old East Boston man who pulled the fire alarm at the Pittsburgh Steelers team hotel early Sunday morning, forcing the team and other guests to evacuate, allegedly told Massachusetts State Police, “I’m drunk. I’m stupid. I’m a Pats fan” when he was apprehended.  

Lawsuit Shocker

Via FOX News: Lawyers for a Dallas police officer filed a federal civil suit late Tuesday against Twitter, Facebook and Google for allegedly providing “material support” to the Palestinian militant group Hamas and purportedly helping radicalize Micah Johnson, the Army veteran who killed five police officers and wounded nine others in an ambush last July.

Cowboy Cops

Via NBC News: A wayward calf gets roped by a cowboy riding some serious horsepower.   The Henry County Sheriff’s Office, in northern Tennessee, posted this video to Facebook showing David Bevill riding the hood of the sheriff’s car, rope in hand, following the calf in the middle of the highway.   The car and

VIDEO: New Year’s Heist!

Via the New York Daily News: Three jewel thieves ended 2016 with a $6 million score, raiding safes at a Midtown jewelry wholesaler just after the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.   Authorities believe the heist was an inside job, police sources said, since the thieves didn’t even have to crack the safes when

VIDEO: No Damn Sweater!

Ed. note: Many of us love to dress up our pets in silly costumes. But animals don’t always have the same appreciation. So, the next time you consider putting that “adorable” Christmas sweater on the family dog, you might want to think about issues like how the animal might respond, its mood, and questions like “wait, why are we putting