Tree cow rescue

There’s no code-10 category for a “cow in a tree in distress” call but they do happen In California recently police made a dramatic animal rescue and it was all caught on video. The sheriff’s office said it’s unknown how long it was stuck there, “but the edges of the tree where it was stuck […]

Gun free zone?

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wildlife officer Andrew Ward was recently asked to leave an Outback Steakhouse because he was in uniform and carrying his firearms. Why are national chains so frequently “gun free zones” while small joints are not? The answer has to do with insurance companies. He posted about the incident on Facebook and […]

Booze in the barracks

It’s never a good thing when you get disciplined even before you’re actually on the job but a bunch of would-be rookies in New Jersey got busted drinking at the police academy. There are almost no details but apparently the youngsters just couldn’t wait to start the celebrations and got caught getting loaded at the […]

Police tattoos banned?

In New Hampshire, there was proposal floated recently that would have allowed New Hampshire State Troopers to have sleeve tattoos on both arms, one tattoo on each hand, and even face and neck tattoos if the boss signs off. It failed spectacularly- the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted 20-0 to recommend that […]

Mysterious OT warning

In Detroit, police and police association leaders were alarmed when they got an emails instructing mandatory cuts to overtime – and saying this was for not just a couple precincts but the whole city. So what’s going on? Was there a big budget cut or something? “We just put another $10 million into the police […]

Cops lose perks

In New York City, cops get what are commonly referred to as “get out of jail free cards.” You can’t use them if you get popped for murder or intent to distribute but for stuff like parking and speeding tickets, officers hand out the cards to friends and family so they can get special treatment […]