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VIDEO: Deputy Fiona’s Huge

VIDEO: Deputy Fiona’s Huge

Via the National Post: CINCINNATI — A popular baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo has been deputized.   Hamilton County’s sheriff and several deputies presented Fiona and her team of caretakers with a certificate on Wednesday naming her honorary deputy sheriff.   It was the second milestone of the week for Fiona.   On Tuesday,

To the Batsex!

Via MSN: Police have shot a man and a woman dressed as Batman characters as they engaged in a sex act at an Australian nightclub.   Dale Ewins, 35, who was dressed as the Joker, was reportedly left seriously injured after he was shot in the stomach when armed officers mistook his fake gun for a real

Cop Saves Gator

Via Yahoo! News: A Florida sheriff’s deputy may have the last name Coward, but he certainly isn’t one.   After Deputy Cameron Coward of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s office spotted a small alligator in a parking lot Tuesday, he took matters into his own hands — literally.   “He was walking through a parking

Hi, 911? Elephant!

Via the Westport News: The pachyderm was a startling sight for residents of one small Wisconsin neighborhood.   A full-grown elephant sauntered through Baraboo early Friday morning on a brief walk of freedom. The mammoth creature more suited for the ‘big top’ clashed with the quiet residential neighborhood.   Law enforcement officers quickly got in

Donut Boy Rules!

Via Naples Daily News: A 9-year-old boy’s mission to thank every police officer in America with a sweet treat brought him to Southwest Florida on Tuesday.   They call him the “donut boy,” and he says police officers are his best friends.   “They keep me safe,” Tyler Carach said, while wearing his signature doughnut-patterned

VIDEO: One Tough Pig

Via CNN: It wasn’t your typical police chase in Hong Kong.   The target of this particular pursuit was a wild boar. The pig was first spotted in the bushes near Hong Kong Park — and it quickly drew the attention of about a dozen police officers and animal control workers, according to CNN affiliate

Another Phony Cop

Via Police in Montgomery County (MD) want to know if residents interacted with a teen trying to pass himself off as a police officer.   “I was shocked at his demeanor and his boldness,” said Fourth District Commander Laura Lanham. “It really does give me pause.”   Police arrested 19-year-old Philip Jonathan Ross (above),

VIDEO: A Serial Killer Speaks

Via the New Hampshire Union Leader: Serial killer Robert Evans emerged in a video clip released Tuesday as a deep-voiced man speaking calmly to California detectives as they question him about the death of his common-law wife, the only murder he was ever convicted of.   Evans, who was being questioned in the 2002 murder,

Sovereign Cannibal Bites Cop

Via the Knoxville News Sentinel: A separatist calling himself a “sovereign Hebrew Israelite citizen” bit off the end of a Knoxville Police Department officer’s thumb during a fight on Wednesday afternoon, police said.   KPD Officer Trey Lane was in surgery for his thumb as of 4:30 p.m., according to a police news release. A