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Sovereign Cannibal Bites Cop

Sovereign Cannibal Bites Cop

Via the Knoxville News Sentinel: A separatist calling himself a “sovereign Hebrew Israelite citizen” bit off the end of a Knoxville Police Department officer’s thumb during a fight on Wednesday afternoon, police said.   KPD Officer Trey Lane was in surgery for his thumb as of 4:30 p.m., according to a police news release. A

Mom, That Hurts!

Via CBS News: A Florida woman is under investigation after apparently posting a video on Facebook showing a red rat snake biting her 1-year-old daughter.   According to a charging affidavit, Chartelle Geanette St. Laurent, 34, said she grew up catching and interacting with snakes and other reptiles, CBS affiliate WTSP reports. She said that

VIDEO: Everything Is Internets

Via FOX News: With the male romper trend going viral on social media recently, two Southern California deputies decided to create their own version. They’re calling it the “Cop Romper.”   The law enforcement duo, who go by Deputy Hook’em and Deputy Book’em, posted an infomercial-style spoof video showing off the Cop Romper on their

Operation Eggs and Bacon

Via the Huffington Post: Federal immigration officers who took part in a “raid” at a Michigan restaurant Wednesday first sat and ate breakfast, according to the eatery’s owner.   Six U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents came to the Ann Arbor restaurant Sava’s on Wednesday morning, owner Sava Lelcaj said. Two officers were stationed at

Scared to Death

Via The New York Daily News: The family of an Illinois 16-year-old who killed himself hours after officers confronted him about an alleged recording of a sexual encounter on his phone intends to file a lawsuit against both the school district and the police department.   “I think they wanted to scare him straight,” Maureen

Yeah…That’s Illegal

Via IndyStar: Indiana’s two largest police departments both want drones; one for crowd surveillance at major gatherings Downtown, the other to monitor traffic at events such as the Indiana State Fair.   There’s just one problem. Both uses appear to be against the law in Indiana.   As the cost of drones drops and police

Totes Mah Goats!

Goats are interesting animals. Not only were they the first animals to be tamed by humans – about 9,000 years ago – but they are also delicious. Goat is the most consumed meat per capita worldwide. They also make great pets. And in Maine recently, police recently nabbed two adorable intruders when miniature goats escaped


Via The Orange County Register: A video shot from an Orange County Sheriff’s Department helicopter gives an overhead view of great white sharks hanging around near shore in Capistrano Beach as officers warn paddleboarders and swimmers near the surfline.   “You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks,” Deputy Brian Stockbridge said in

Cheerleader For LE?

Via The news that President Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey came so suddenly and so unexpectedly that Comey himself didn’t believe it at first.   Comey was in Los Angeles for a speaking engagement when the news broke. According to the New York Times, he thought it was a prank:   “Mr.