Attention SWAT officers!

If you work for a specialized tactical unit, mostly known as SWAT teams, you probably know a thing or two about your agency’s bomb detection robot- if you have one that is. Most agencies don’t. Generally speaking these things look like the love child of a miniature tank and the Mars Rover and move very […]

Tree cow rescue

There’s no code-10 category for a “cow in a tree in distress” call but they do happen In California recently police made a dramatic animal rescue and it was all caught on video. The sheriff’s office said it’s unknown how long it was stuck there, “but the edges of the tree where it was stuck […]

Fearless cop saves kid

In Michigan, a sheriff’s deputy is being called a hero after dashcam video shows him risking his life to pull a driver from a burning vehicle. The incident unfolded early last Sunday at around 2:30 a.m. in Orion Township, Michigan. The deputy saw the driver speed past him, according to a press release from the […]

K-9 attacks officer

Don’t worry it’s not what it sounds like. The officer was attacked with kisses and cuddles. This is just a GIF someone sent us of a K-9 officer and his trusty pal. They seem to get along OK from the looks of things. If anyone has any idea who these two are be sure to […]

Outrageous arrest

This video should make people extremely angry. A teacher speaking at a public meeting in Louisiana was arrested recently- for speaking at a public meeting. There are a lot of people wondering why “no wants to be a cop anymore.” While that’s not at all true (academy classes are full where the pay is decent) […]

Police pursuit lawsuits

After two Chicago area police pursuits killed two different people, one of them an off-duty Chicago police officer, the victims’ lawyers filed lawsuits. Calumet Park and the city of Chicago will be paying out nearly a combined $13 million. From the Chicago Tribune: “Geoffrey Alpert, who specializes in the study of police pursuits and was […]