He’s running!

This one goes out to all the people stuck in traffic looking around for any explanation as to what the hold up could possibly be. Sometimes it’s rubber-neckers looking for blood on the pavement after an accident. Other times someone takes the wrong medication and screws up all the electronic signage telling people where traffic […]

Armed teachers in action

Many sheriffs and lawmakers are saying we need to do arm and train the nation’s teachers so they can go full Casey Ryback when the bullets start flying. But what about the armed teachers that are already in place? Dalton police say Jesse Randal Davidson, 53, a social studies teacher fired the shot. He also […]

They’re like angels

There are a ton of organizations that support police officers and their families. But there are fewer organizations working to raise awareness and funding for police K-9s and K-9 Units. Six-year-old Emma Johnson and her mom, Debbie Johnson, have been passionate supporters of police and police K-9s and are on a mission to make sure […]

Dramatic bodycam shooting

The video captures a man ignoring officers’ orders to get out of a disabled stolen car recently near Ravenna Park in Seattle. As the man reaches into the backseat, he ignores several orders to stop before he is shot. There’s a really good timeline in the article of the events leading up to the shooting […]

Attention SWAT officers!

If you work for a specialized tactical unit, mostly known as SWAT teams, you probably know a thing or two about your agency’s bomb detection robot- if you have one that is. Most agencies don’t. Generally speaking these things look like the love child of a miniature tank and the Mars Rover and move very […]

Tree cow rescue

There’s no code-10 category for a “cow in a tree in distress” call but they do happen In California recently police made a dramatic animal rescue and it was all caught on video. The sheriff’s office said it’s unknown how long it was stuck there, “but the edges of the tree where it was stuck […]

Fearless cop saves kid

In Michigan, a sheriff’s deputy is being called a hero after dashcam video shows him risking his life to pull a driver from a burning vehicle. The incident unfolded early last Sunday at around 2:30 a.m. in Orion Township, Michigan. The deputy saw the driver speed past him, according to a press release from the […]

K-9 attacks officer

Don’t worry it’s not what it sounds like. The officer was attacked with kisses and cuddles. This is just a GIF someone sent us of a K-9 officer and his trusty pal. They seem to get along OK from the looks of things. If anyone has any idea who these two are be sure to […]