Police pursuit lawsuits

After two Chicago area police pursuits killed two different people, one of them an off-duty Chicago police officer, the victims’ lawyers filed lawsuits. Calumet Park and the city of Chicago will be paying out nearly a combined $13 million. From the Chicago Tribune: “Geoffrey Alpert, who specializes in the study of police pursuits and was […]

Coddling the criminals

When it comes to locking up the little people, the USA is number one, hands down, period, game over- it’s not even close. But once you start talking about banks and pharmaceutical companies, the fact that we’re soft on crime is patently obvious. It’s unclear if the DEA is even capable of responding to the […]

Freeze Gopher!

Cadyshack never gets old right? Cops (and assistant ground keepers) deal with all kinds of animals- everything from goats to eagles to even llamas. But it’s not often that cops have to face off with a squirrel cookie thief. From WABC in New York: “Police in Brockport, New York were called to help with an […]

Cops flip Grinch

In Texas, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office has released a pretty funny video. In the three-minute video bringing awareness to the Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers hotline, the Grinch strikes a deal with Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez and Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra. “We need your help,” Rodriguez tells the Grinch. “We need to […]

Kano the K-9

It’s taken a while but all the mythology about pit bulls being a “dangerous breed” of dog is losing its luster. In Satfford, Kansas for example, cops are thrilled about their new co-worker. That would be Kano- a stunningly handsome animal. Kano just notched his first drug bust recently. “Anyone who watches him (Kano) work […]

Backing the Blue

HUDSON, N.Y. – Members and advisors of the Psychology Club and the Criminal Justice Club at Columbia-Greene Community College spread holiday cheer to members of law enforcement across both counties this season. Promoting the Back the Blue Campaign, a national effort that seeks to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of law enforcement officials, the C-GCC […]

Making spirits bright

In Nebraska recently, local law enforcement officers in Sarpy County have been working hard to make sure that families around their community will have a merry Christmas. As a part of that effort, deputies joined community members and families for an annual Shop with a Sheriff event at the Gretna Walmart. Kids were thrilled as […]

Quilts and cops

Haley McConnell is a great lady in Florida that’s been handing out hand made quilts to law enforcement. She started off by making small quilts that cops could give kids after a domestic disturbance and things like that to make it easier for the kids to deal with trauma. Needless to say it’s a great […]

K-9’s first snow

In Columbus, Ohio, there’s a police therapy dog named Mattis K. Nine, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office’s first ever therapy dog. Mattis has a lot of tough work ahead of him- comforting officers and civilians alike when tragedy strikes. But he’s still just a puppy and he’s still getting used to things. Recently Mattis K. […]