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We’re Not Interested?

We’re Not Interested?

Via Forbes: Taxpayers across the country breathed a sigh of relief after the arrest of Sagar Thakkar, a 24-year-old Indian man accused of running those Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams. Indian police arrested Thakkar earlier this month, claiming he was the mastermind behind the scam where callers posed as IRS agents to collect bogus

VIDEO: Cop Car History

Via FOX News: Ford took the occasion of the launch of its first hybrid pursuit-rated police car to take a look back at the history of its law enforcement vehicles.   The automaker has posted a fun fact-filled animated video that traces the development of its cruisers from the first official police package offered on

Professional Courtesy Controversy

Via ABC Action News: TAMPA, Fla – Two officers with the Tampa Police Department admit an off-duty Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy and his wife would have been arrested if it wasn’t for their law enforcement background.   A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Division of Internal Affairs released their administrative investigation into a deputy

Crash Kills 12

Via the St. Louis Post Dispatch: UVALDE, Texas — Twelve people were killed and three others were injured Wednesday when a pickup truck slammed head-on into a van carrying 14 senior members of a Texas Hill Country church on a two-lane highway in southwestern Texas, authorities said.   The crash happened about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday on

Brady Thanks Cops

Via Comcast Sports New England: Tom Brady is happy that law-enforcement authorities have recovered his stolen Super Bowl jerseys, and hopes to “make something very positive come from this experience.”   The mystery of the missing jersey — which grew to the mystery of the missing TWO jerseys when it was discovered the Super Bowl

Just Say What?

Ed. note: The Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have been talking a good game on “supporting law enforcement” thus far, but a lot of the support appears to be moral and rhetorical in nature, as opposed to action. That being said, you really have to wonder about the wisdom of a system where

FBI Geek Squad

Ed. note: If you read American Police Beat‘s print edition, you might have seen an article or two about the lack of technological proficiency at the FBI when it comes to the digital world. It turns out that not only does the bureau need help from foreign hacking firms to crack the iPhones of mass shooters,

VIDEO: Cops, Dogs, and Veterans

At the Portland, Maine Police Department, officers are training service dogs to help combat vets deal with the debilitating impact of post-traumatic stress disorder. For those suffering from PTSD, daily life can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Thankfully, thanks to the excellent training the service dogs get from Portland cops, these amazing animals can make

Stand Your Ground

Via ABC News: In court testimony today, Curtis Reeves (above) described the altercation in January 2014 that ended with his fatally shooting another moviegoer over texting, calling it at one point a “life-or-death struggle.”   Reeves, 74, a former police captain and former amusement park security director, is accused of shooting and killing 43-year-old Chad

Religion and Homicide

Ed. note: In Calgary, Canada, the recent death of a diabetic boy, who was so emaciated he appeared mummified, led to murder charges for his parents, who refused to bring him to a doctor because of their religious beliefs. Via In Idaho, parents are allowed by law to shield their children from medical care, even