Thank you officers!

There’s a simple message gracing billboards all across the country this year. It’s a message recognizing police officers with the words, “the Dermyer family would like to thank you for what you do every day, Merry Christmas.” Below the season’s greetings are the words, “in loving memory of Virginia State Trooper Chad Dermyer.” “It’s very […]

Cop’s gift of life

Neil McMillin is a Sheriff’s Deputy in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. He’s the reason that a little boy in Texas is alive today. McMillin donated his bone marrow to little Kayden Nazzario two years ago. They two got together for the first time recently. “Hey, little man,” said Neil McMillin as he kneeled down to hug […]

The Hero Returns

NYPD Detective, Peter Getz rescued a five-year-old Josibelk Aponte in 1998 from a raging fire in an apartment building. Getz not only got the kid out- he then saved her life a second time by performing CPR. He stayed in touch with the girl’s family for a while but they fell out of contact. Ten […]

The Untouchables

One of the more popular internet abbreviations in the Twitter/Facebook age is SMH—“shaking my head.” Between the MLB playoffs, the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the NFL protest stuff, it’s kind of hard to stay focused on what’s important. Forget “terrorism,” natural disasters and even car wrecks. Powerful opioides like Fentanyl and Oxycontin are killing more […]

Cop Gets $5M

Via The Los Angeles Times: A Los Angeles jury has awarded $4.8 million to a former South Pasadena police officer who alleged he was fired by the city because of a disability.   After a two-week trial, the jury on Thursday found unanimously in favor of Timothy Patrick Green, pictured above, an 18-year veteran who […]

Cop Girl Rules!

Via BRICK — Seven-year-old Morgan Blann idolizes police officers and hopes to someday join their ranks.   But with years left before that can become reality, this Midstreams Elementary second-grader is already working hard to help police departments.   Weeks ago, Morgan sacrificed birthday presents from her seventh birthday party and asked her friends […]