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VIDEO: Cops, Dogs, and Veterans

At the Portland, Maine Police Department, officers are training service dogs to help combat vets deal with the debilitating impact of post-traumatic stress disorder. For those suffering from PTSD, daily life can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Thankfully, thanks to the excellent training the service dogs get from Portland cops, these amazing animals can make

Stand Your Ground

Via ABC News: In court testimony today, Curtis Reeves (above) described the altercation in January 2014 that ended with his fatally shooting another moviegoer over texting, calling it at one point a “life-or-death struggle.”   Reeves, 74, a former police captain and former amusement park security director, is accused of shooting and killing 43-year-old Chad

Religion and Homicide

Ed. note: In Calgary, Canada, the recent death of a diabetic boy, who was so emaciated he appeared mummified, led to murder charges for his parents, who refused to bring him to a doctor because of their religious beliefs. Via In Idaho, parents are allowed by law to shield their children from medical care, even

Cop Beards Get Green Light

Grizzly Adams-style beards and those intolerable waxed handlebar mustaches sported by Brooklyn hipsters are still forbidden, but cops in Detroit now have a green light to sport trimmed beards and goatees. “Doctors have beards, attorneys have beards, politicians have beards, engineers, teachers, all across the professional board,” noted Officer Richard Bullard, an 18-year veteran of

Facebook Suicides Rising

Via the Santa Fe Reporter: The Santa Fe Police Department’s internal affairs unit on Monday opened an investigation of the local police union president for incendiary posts shared on his Facebook page, including memes disparaging Muslims, African Americans and the transgender community.   The investigation comes after SFR emailed Police Chief Patrick Gallagher seven screenshots

Police Hostility Increasing

Via An alderman running for St. Louis mayor has asked the union representing city police officers to fire their business manager, Jeff Roorda, over a social media attack leveled at another mayoral candidate.   Thursday evening’s statement from Alderman Lyda Krewson, D-28th Ward, targets Roorda’s Facebook post that called city Treasurer Tishaura Jones a

One Happy Family

Via the St. Louis Post Dispatch: A Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader might have been shot in his sleep because he had told his wife he wanted a divorce, St. Francois County Prosecutor Jarrod Mahurin said Monday after filing murder charges.   “It may have been a marital issue,” he told a reporter. He said

Sheriff’s Gun Grabbed

Via Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich (pictured above) was flabbergasted Saturday night when he says he tried to enter the Spokane Chiefs game at Spokane Arena to promote a charity hockey game and wasn’t allowed inside.   The sheriff tells us he is always on duty, so he always carries his gun with him.

Screw the Jersey

Via CBS Sports: The greatest unsolved mystery of our time may end up going unsolved for a little bit longer, because it appears that finding Tom Brady’s missing jersey isn’t exactly a high priority for police in Houston in right now.   Although Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Monday that finding Brady’s jersey was