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Lock Him Up!

Via The Associated Press: MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — A man who left his dog to die in a hot car three years ago has been arrested after another dog died the same way this week, police said Thursday.   David Beveridge, 79, told police in Middletown that he meant to take the Labradoodle named Jennie

Call Cops First

Via the Los Angeles Times: Here’s a scenario to ponder on a sweltering summer day: You’re walking down the street when you notice a distressed dog trapped in a locked car. What do you do?   A California law that went into effect in January says that if you’re concerned for a vehicle-bound animal’s safety

VIDEO: Protect Your Identity

Even though computers and technology now dominate large parts of law enforcement, the average police officer isn’t any more sophisticated when it comes to things like identity theft and getting hacked for ransom than the average person. But unlike the average person, part of the job for some police officers involves speaking to community groups

Robot Calls 911!

Via CNBC: A smart speaker alerted law enforcement to an assault last week after a man allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend, ABC News reported.   Eduardo Barros was house sitting with his girlfriend and her daughter in Tijeras, New Mexico on Sunday, July 2. An argument between the two broke out and became physical,

VIDEO: Doggone Generous

Via CBS News: The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office had a spot to fill in its canine unit, but not the immediate funds, so it was going to have to wait to complete its K-9 team.   That’s when a generous donor stepped forward, offering thousands of dollars for the purchase of a dog.  

Life’s a Beach for Chris Christie

Via Don’t you just love it when you go to the beach and you get the place all to yourself? You do? Chris Christie appears to agree.   The New Jersey governor joined family and friends for day at Island Beach State Park on Sunday. The park was closed to the public this weekend

Donation Buys Vests

Via KOCO News: DUNCAN, Okla. — A Duncan couple has the goal to protect rural law enforcement officers, and they’ve put up pretty big money to do so.   Tom and Phyllis McCasland said they were moved by the tragedy in the streets of Dallas when a shooter took aim at police officers, taking the

Charges Dropped

Via The Washington Post: At the request of prosecutors, a judge on Wednesday dismissed the only criminal charge against the former Texas state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman who was found hanging in a Texas jail in 2015. Her death set off national protests.   Brian Encinia, the state trooper who