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Jeff’s Safe Spaces

Jeff’s Safe Spaces

Via Vice: Prosecutors are proceeding in the case against a 61-year-old protester who was arrested for laughing during Attorney General Jeff Session’s confirmation hearings, the Huffington Post reports.   Desiree Fairooz, a seasoned activist affiliated with the well-known group Code Pink, apparently chuckled in disbelief when Alabama Senator Richard Shelby testified that the man tapped

Out of State

Some states don’t require gun owners to obtain a license, permit, background check, psych eval, or even a note from your parents to purchase and carry firearms. So be careful when you travel to ones that do. Via Fox News: A hotel guest was busted when he told staff he forgot to pack his loaded handgun, cops

Oathkeeper Security Details?

Via The Huffington Post: A Republican leader in Oregon says the party may use private militias, including groups widely recognized as antigovernment extremists, to protect GOP officials.   The move comes after Friday’s deadly stabbing attack in Portland in which two people were killed and a third injured while defending a Muslim teen from a

VIDEO: Grammy Winner Supports Our Police

We thought you’d enjoy listening to this moving song that Grammy winner Jon Secada wrote and recorded to support law enforcement officers everywhere. The Dade County PBA commissioned the song, which has been incredibly successful. You can download “Line of Duty” from all sites that sell music, including iTunes. What a boost for law enforcement at just the

Everyone Needs Sleep, Especially Cops

By Brian T. McVey Are you that officer who shows up to work thinking you are “Officer Friendly when your spouse or co-workers say you are a lot more like “Officer Tired and Cranky?” One reason is that you are probably working long hours, different shifts and side jobs while not getting enough sleep. Sleep

Lock Them Up

Via the New York Post: Police in Tennessee say they are asking a grand jury to bring charges because investigators believe bounty hunters shot two men in a wild incident last weekend in which one of the men was fatally wounded.   Clarksville Police spokesman Jim Knoll said authorities will ask a county grand jury

Trump vs. SCOTUS

The administration’s response to having basically everything they’ve tried to do get shut down by the courts (and other bodies like the House and Senate) has been “See you in court!” Presumably this means that Mr. Trump thinks he will do better with Supreme Court Justices if and when these cases are taken up on

We’re Not Interested?

Via Forbes: Taxpayers across the country breathed a sigh of relief after the arrest of Sagar Thakkar, a 24-year-old Indian man accused of running those Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams. Indian police arrested Thakkar earlier this month, claiming he was the mastermind behind the scam where callers posed as IRS agents to collect bogus

VIDEO: Cop Car History

Via FOX News: Ford took the occasion of the launch of its first hybrid pursuit-rated police car to take a look back at the history of its law enforcement vehicles.   The automaker has posted a fun fact-filled animated video that traces the development of its cruisers from the first official police package offered on

Professional Courtesy Controversy

Via ABC Action News: TAMPA, Fla – Two officers with the Tampa Police Department admit an off-duty Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy and his wife would have been arrested if it wasn’t for their law enforcement background.   A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Division of Internal Affairs released their administrative investigation into a deputy