“It’s Been An Honor to Work With Chief Marshman”

Portland Police Bureau Chief Michael Marshman

He may be America’s most popular police chief, but Michael Marshman, with the Portland Police Bureau, is retiring. He will be replaced by Danielle Outlaw from the Oakland Police Department.

Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association

“It has been an honor to serve as Chief of Police and to serve this community throughout my career,” Marshman said. “I’m confident that the Portland Police Bureau will continue to be a leader in 21st Century Policing and the community should rest easy knowing they have one of the best police departments in the country.”

Daryl Turner, the Portland Police Association president, made the following remarks after the Chief announced he was retiring.

“As president of the Portland Police Association, I’d like to thank Chief Mike Marshman for his leadership over the past fourteen months during the most tumultuous times we’ve seen in the past quarter century,” Turner said. “He took a ship in troubled waters, in danger of running aground, and turned us back towards the horizon. His leadership stabilized this organization and improved morale. We have nothing but respect and admiration for him as our Police Chief and as a member of the Portland Police Bureau.

“The rank and file members of the Portland Police Association are now and have always been the foundation of the Portland Police Bureau. Although we will miss Chief Marshman’s leadership, we will continue to move this organization in a positive direction as we serve the needs of our ever-evolving and diverse community with dedication, equity, and compassion.”

Marshman was admired for his outstanding leadership skills by the Portland Police Association who have enthusiastically supported him despite the fact he was frequently criticized by so-called “reform” activists.

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