CNN Needs to Hear From You


Tom McCabe got this list together of CNN Headline Advertisers and posted it on the American Police Beat Facebook page. He is making it easy for us to all call and protest the comments of Fredricka Whitfield’s comment that the Dallas gunman was brave and courageous. First thing tomorrow – Monday – take a minute and give them a call.

Tom writes:

I hope this list is helpful to anyone wanting to contact CNN ADVERTISERS and voice your opinion on CNN Anchor Fredricka Whitfield’s comments. Please forward to every police family you know.

CNN Headline News Advertisers

HEC Paris MBA Program

JK Harris and Company – Phone: 800-556-9795

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals – Phone: 800-236-9933

E-Trade – Phone: 800-387-2331

Monex Precious Metals – Phone: 800-444-8317

Sprint / Nextel  – Sprint customers: 888-211-4727 / Nextel customers: 800-639-6111

Select Quote – Phone: 800-777-8300

Wells Fargo – Phone: 800-869-3557

AARP – Phone: 888-687-2277

Philips / Norelco – Phone: 212-850-5000 / Scott M. Weisenhoff , CEO Philips Electronics North America email:

Subaru – Phone: 800-782-2783

Geico – Phone: 800-861-8380

Boston Market – Phone: 800-365-7000 – Phone: 800-843-2446

Liberty Medical – Phone: 800-970-4831

Live Well Financial – Phone: 800-917-1170

American Coalition for Clean Coal – Phone: 877-358-6699

University of Phoenix

Partnership for Prescription Assistance – Phone: 888-477-2669

Ehealth Insurance Services – Phone: 800-977-8860

Dodge – Phone: 800-853-1403

Hyundai – Phone: 800-633-5151

Jos A Banks Clothiers – Phone: 800-999-7472 or 800-285-2265

Career – Phone: 800-638-4212

Johnson & Johnson – Phone: 732-524-0400

U.S. Home Auction – Phone: 800-793-6107

Cisco – Phone: 800-553-6387

Exxon Mobil – Phone: 972-444-1000

Jitterbug – Phone: 800-918-8543


I am disgusted by the comments of the CNN employee, who declares the Dallas gunman, who open fire on their Police Department, to be brave. Though I rarely watch CNN, and obtain my news from more credible sources, I will make a point to choose alternative products and services from companies other than those who throw money at such insane, violence encouraging companies.

Ms Whitfield should be fired immediately and CNN should apologize for the comments she made unless CNN agrees to them then they should be fined for allowing these comments to stand as she stated them.

Your TV commentator’s horrific comments about being courageous to shoot at a police station is worthy of getting her fired! And If you don’t, it’s as if you condone her ludicrous comments. It must be done!

She needs to be fired. Her apology was not an apology it was an explanation that she mis-spoke. The gunman was a criminal and ended the way he should have. It was the police who were brave and courageous. Get rid of her.

I’m shocked and appalled by CNN and its so called reporters. It amazes me to see that journalism has became a threat to the American people to cause more harm, chaos, and bias content. It only proves that networks such as CNN have a hidden agenda that allow such unethical reporting. My honest opinion is that, we the people stand up and ban these networks that allow garbage reporting and their sponsors.

As the mother of a police officer….I am not only offended ..I am highly appauled that CNN would allow this reported to air her personal views on the attack of DPD….CNN Anchor…Fredericka Whitfield describes the attack on Dallas Police Department…”Courageous and brave” to shoot at police officers with an assault rifle.
I would have chosen the words “deranged and cowardly” to describe shooting at the Dallas Police Headquarters. But I’m not a progressive liberal propaganda puppet or professional anchor pawn.

Your anchor needs to be fired and I refuse to watch your news until then. That was not an apology. Her demeanor said it all. Shame on this network..

very disapointed in CNN. Anything short of termination of this employee shows that CNN agrees with these insulting remarks.

Personal opinions have NO place in public media and hers was one that is quite frankly disturbing and disgusting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a secret social media account calling for violence against police. She has made it abundantly clear what her position is and it is not one of support nor acceptance. CNN should be ashamed for supporting and PAYING someone to work for them with such a blatant, hateful demeanor. Even if we were to assume her “apology” was genuine (which we could all see that it was forced and painful for her), her disrespect for the American public by allowing her personal opinion to taint her news report should be enough to justify more than a slap on the wrist and a completely insincere “apology.” Any other regular employee would be fired post haste. Who does she have dirt on at CNN that you are afraid to stand up and do the right thing? Or does CNN share her hateful opinion?

It’s sad that my comments are being deleted, until this anchor is fired I will not be watching your network. Sad that you allow her to stay on. You and your whole station is so against the police. I hope she doesn’t need them, but then again, they are better than that and would give their lives for her.

It’s sad you allow an anchor to say such horrible things about out police. Brave and courageous is absurd. I hope your ratings go down the drain

Viewer lost= me! The lack of action taken against Fredricka Whitfield for her disrespectful remarks concerning the attack on the Dallas police department show your networks total disregard for law enforcement. As journalists (and I use the term very lightly) your job is to report the news, the facts, not opinion and personal sentiment. You fail every time. You continue to exacerbate a situation that is becoming dangerous to every man and woman in every law enforcement agency in this country. For shame! Fire Fredricka Whitfield.
My own personal form of protest, beside not watching CNN, is to not patronize any of the sponsors.

Whitfield clearly possesses no journalistic integrity, or she wouldn’t have described an aspiring assassin of police officers as “courageous and brave.” What are you going to do about her behavior?

She needs to be fired! A big part of the problems that police are having is due to portrayal in the media. Forget the facts? Then they will make their own!

CNN. Do something brave and courageous. Fire Fredericka Whitfield for her cowardly and ignorant statement and the absolutely worthless “appology”.

I think that your news anchor didn’t ” misspeak” as she claims, she slipped up and said Exactly how she felt. For a News Agency to employ people who are so blatantly anti police is disgusting. Those Police Officers are the only thing standing between peace and security and total anarchy. She needs to be Fired Now!

Ms Whitfield did wrong by her insulting statement. I am upset by this , being a retired nypd officer and having family and friends active on the pd, this was a totally disturbing to me. I can’t believe you have a reporter who feels thisway on your station! I believe in freedom of speech but come on this was a slap in the face to all families who lost loved ones in the line of duty. Maybe ms Whitfield should walk in the shoes of an officer one day and see what they have to face day to day. She needs to look up brave and courageous before she reports. CNN shame on you it will be off in my house till your station does right. Very disappointed in NY

What a disgusting, immoral, and unethical station you have. Being the wife of a retired Law Enforcement Officer who completed 45 years with not once firing his gun (except in training/competition/firearms qualification) nor ever using OC/mace/pepper spray/taser or never beating anyone up and also being the mother of an active Law Enforcement Officer, your anti-cop agenda is very disgusting and troubling to me and my family. There is a limit with Freedom of Speech. Every one of you should have to walk in the shoes of our officer and see what they have to endure daily. What has happened to good investigative news people. My family and friends will be boycotting your station and the businesses/products that advertise on your station.

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