Cop goes extra mile

Actually it was a couple hundred miles.

A family coming back to Maine from New York during the frigid part of last week missed their train by less than five minutes.

The family was in New York because the daughter had to undergo brain surgery.

Freezing, tired and frustrated, the family asked cops at Boston’s North Station if they could help with the luggage.

“We were just setting up to do the Boston Garden detail for the Bruins game,” Boston Police Capt. Kelley McCormick said. “They looked tired. (Kori) looked cold and frail.”

So McCormick tells the family they can come with him to get gas and stay warm in the cruiser.

“We got to about Lynnfield and she goes, ‘Are you driving us to Portland,'” McCormick said. “I said, ‘Yes, this is a kidnapping but it’s legal.'”

Anyone that’s ever missed a flight or a train after being away from home for weeks knows what that feels like.

“There were just no words at that point,” one family member said. “We were so thankful.”

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