Cop’s Case Complicated


A Maine cop has filed a lawsuit, alleging he was let go from his agency because of his “political activities.”

Dennis Picard claims he was fired “in retaliation for engaging in political speech and/or for his association with his spouse, Sharon Picard, who engaged in political speech protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Prior to filing the suit, Picard appealed his firing and, as a result of a negotiated settlement, resigned as captain of the law enforcement division. He has since been re-employed by the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office as a part-time court security officer.

Earlier this month, Picard sued the county and the sheriff’s department in Waldo County Superior Court.

“The agreement was that he would work as a part-time employee without benefits until March 2015, at which time he would become full-time deputy marshal in March 2015, and his sick time and retirement benefits would be reinstated up to his full-time status,” the lawsuit states.


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