Cops are targets

ambush attack2In this city, recently suspects shot at peace officers in Los Angeles four times in just eight days. One Los Angeles County union official told reporters it appears to be “open season” on law enforcement.

“It’s a dangerous job, and we work in a particularly dangerous area,” said Jeffrey Steck, president of the Association for Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), told reporters from the Los Angeles Times. “It seems there’s a little bit of an open season on law enforcement lately — attacks that are unprovoked.”

Among those apparently unprovoked shootings was one in San Bernardino.

According to police, Officer Gabriel Garcia and his rookie partner approached a group of a half-dozen people in a residential neighborhood when one of the men in the group, identified as Alex Alvarado, 38, turned and shot Garcia multiple times with an assault weapon-type rifle. Alvarado was killed in a separate shootout. Officer Garcia remains in critical condition.

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