Cop’s gift of life

Neil McMillin is a Sheriff’s Deputy in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

He’s the reason that a little boy in Texas is alive today.

McMillin donated his bone marrow to little Kayden Nazzario two years ago.

They two got together for the first time recently.

“Hey, little man,” said Neil McMillin as he kneeled down to hug Kayden Nazzario.

“The chances of us finding a match are so rare. Knowing that he might not have a match out there and that was his only chance at living a normal life, then none of us being a match, it was devastating,” says Kayden’s mother, Shelby.

McMillin was happy to help and meeting the kid was treat.

“My heart is pounding out of my chest. Being a cop, I’ve dealt with a lot of scary things at times. This tops everything by far,” he says.

McMillin recently learned he’s match for a second person and donated again earlier this year.

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