Cops Info Posted Online


A while back, a sheriff’s deputy in Florida quit or got fired and wasn’t happy about it.

So, he created what many now would call a “cop-hater” website dedicated to exposing what the former deputy alleged was all kinds of corruption and malfeasance.

That website, which has since been sold to Russian interests, according to the former deputy, has posted the personal information of tons of cops in South Florida.

The former deputy says he doesn’t know anything about the personal info being posted and it must have been the Russians.

It’s a real mess, but one thing’s for sure: no matter how passionately police officers or associations argue for better protection of sensitive data like home addresses and disciplinary histories, no one appears to be willing or able to pay dime one to secure the data.

What you hear from top officials (after the hack) is what the FOP said about their recent experience with hackers—that there isn’t even anything of value in the database besides some phone numbers and credit card information.

Which, of course, opens up an enormous can of worms as police work goes digital in terms of law enforcement’s technological knowledge and capabilities.


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