Tens of millions of dollars spent annually on equipment and gear

Equipment worn by this crowd/riot control officer is just a small fraction of what gets purchased for patrol, investigations, SWAT, and other specialized units.

Pepper Spray — Crowd Control Size

Personal Pepper Spray


(Many Officers carry 2 sets now)

2 Pistol Magazines + Pouch

(Probably wearing knee pads too)

Elbow Pads

Pepper Spray Paintball Gun

Police Portable Radio

(Gauntlet style to protect wrist)


(To protect neck)


Inner Helmet Liner

Crowd Control Helmet

Flip Down Safety Goggles

Duty Belt


Outer Equipment Vest to Carry Gear

(To hear police radio in crowd)

Duty Pistol + Holster

Pepper Paint Ball Cartridges

Pepper Paint Ball Ammo

And this is just for crowd control...