Daddy, Why?

by Gary Kassay

I was in my bedroom, getting ready for a tour,
When I heard a knock, and my son pushed open the door.
He had such a sad face and looked about to cry,
And before I could ask the problem, he said,
“Why Daddy why”?

Why do you run towards danger when others run away?
Why do you put your life on the line each and every day?
My twelve-year-old had asked me, and I knew he needed to know,
I sat beside him on the bed even though I had to go.

Each cop has his own reasons and yet they’re all the same,
It’s not for glory or the pay, it’s not for pride or fame.
It all comes down to caring for one and for all,
When others are forced to their knees, someone must stand tall.

But people steal, kill and lie, and one day you might die,
With tears running down his beautiful face, he once again asked me why?
It is hard to say but I will try, to make you understand,
A person should do the right thing and lend a helping hand.

One thing you need to know, one night if I should fall,
Remember all give some and some give all.
My answers were not good enough and he questioned me no more,
He smiled at me, walked away, and slowly closed the door.

I thought one day he’d understand why some heed the call,
To choose a life upholding the law, and maybe to give all.
He did not know just why I had chosen to do my part,
Walk our streets without fear, with honor and a true heart.

Then one day it happened and I was sure he finally knew,
When I watched as a shield was pinned to his chest, so shiny and new.
As he shook my hand, my heart filled with pride and tears within my eyes,
He said he knew and never again would have to ask me why.

Gary Kassay is a retired NYPD K-9 officer and is currently a detective working Crimes against Persons, and as a hostage negotiator for the Casper Police Department in Wyoming. Gary is also the author of the Duke Becker Murder Mystery series, Murder in Silence, Murder by Prophecy, Classic Murder, and Murder by the Invisibles. He can be reached at

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