VIDEO: “Line of Duty” is HERE!

The much-anticipated music video for “Line of Duty” was officially released yesterday at a PBA ride and rally event. This beautiful piece was designed to bring healing and respect between the community and the police.

“Line of Duty” is written and performed by Jon Secada and Joel Someillan, and was commissioned by the Dade County PBA as a means of promoting good relations and respect between law enforcement and the citizens they protect in every community across the nation.

The concept for creating “Line of Duty” came from Dade County PBA President John Rivera. As our nation has watched attacks on law enforcement become increasingly more violent, Rivera felt the need to do something to bring everyone together—and what better way, he felt, than through music, the universal language.

Proceeds from “Line of Duty” benefit the Love Fund Inc., a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 1984 to aid law enforcement officers and their families in times of need. To find out more about the Love Fund and the Dade County PBA, CLICK HERE!

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