Deescalate your stress level

If you read American Police Beat (subscriptions are still just $12 bucks a year…) you already know that a groundbreaking program in Oregon is teaching police officers mindfulness techniques to deal with stress and be more focused on the job.

The program also helps cops connect more meaningfully with their families and also with the people they serve and protect.

For a lot of us old-timers this sounds like some new-age, touchy-feely stuff but you can’t argue with results.

The unique program was the subject of an article in the magazine Mindful and was written by Pulitzer prize-winning Seattle Times reporter Maureen O’Hagan.

“Basically, the department hit rock bottom,” says O’Hagan, pointing to an incident involving a veteran officer who faced off against the rest of the police force last January.

It left the team shaken, and the current police chief dedicated to find new approaches to support the men and women in the department.


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