You Guys Suck!


In places like San Francisco, New York City and Denver, various police associations are engaging city leaders and police chiefs in a public relations war.

For more on this, you could always subscribe to American Police Beat, but in the meantime, let’s check out some highlights from the Denver FOP’s blistering attack (and report card) on local officials.

“Increasing violent crime, civil unrest and terror threats have made the safety of our communities the primary concern of many. Sadly Denver has not been immune from the trend of increasing crime. As reported recently by the media, all Denver neighborhoods witnessed an across-the-board increase in property and violent crime. Homicide in Denver is at a 10-year high.

Equally alarming are the attacks against law enforcement officers. The last three months have seen an unprecedented level of violence toward police officers, with 14 Colorado Police Officers shot performing their duties. In a three-day period in February, we witnessed the third Denver Police Officer shot in 2016, a Mesa County Deputy murdered, and three Park County Deputies shot, one tragically being killed.

Against this backdrop of rising violence, the citizens of Denver have observed a consistent pattern of failed leadership in public safety. This failure in leadership has prompted the Fraternal Order of Police to provide the public with an overview from our perspective on the performance of the public safety decision makers in Denver.”

For more and the “grades” the FOP gives to specific individuals, check out the full story below.


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