DNA and Tattoos: A Unique Way to Stay Connected

Former Detective Johnny Walker (pictured above with NYPD Detective Liam Swords) was medically retired from the NYPD after 20 years of service due to Stage 3C colon cancer. His illness was a result of his tireless efforts at Ground Zero during those grim weeks and months after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The good news is that Johnny has found a new chapter with a company called Endeavor Life Sciences or “Endeavor” for short.

Endeavor’s work is premised on the notion that people are free to be their best when they feel a strong sense of connection to what inspires them. Endeavor’s products help people stay emotionally connected to what matters in life.

Stacia Furtado, PhD., and Edith Mathiowitz, PhD., at the Endeavor Life Sciences lab in Rhode Island.

Just last week, the company announced its flagship product, Everence, a patented technology allowing people to add the DNA of a loved one into any new or existing tattoo.

Walker had this to say: “My initial reaction to the concept of Everence was simple. I believe my exact words were, ‘Dude, that’s creepy,’” Walker explained. But now, after learning how easy Everence makes it for people to be permanently connected to the unique essence of their loved ones, Walker signed on to serve as a brand ambassador for the company.

Everence inventor and co-founder of Endeavor Life Sciences, Patrick Duffy

“I relate to the concept of Everence in a truly special way,” Walker says. “You see, I am lucky. I have two families. On one side I have my wife, children, parents, sibling and other relatives. On the other side, I have my other family – my brothers and sisters in the law enforcement and military community. We may not be related by blood but family isn’t just about those that you share blood with. It’s also about those willing to bleed for you. Everence will allow me to remain connected to both of my families at all times, no matter where I may be or what may come.”

Everence was created to honor emotional connection and inspiration and Johnny Walker feels the psychological benefits of having something tangible in the form of a tattoo, for example, that will allow someone to feel strength, serenity and connection.

“It will allow me to feel a tangible connection to my brother Liam from the NYPD whom I have fought with side by side in a multitude of different arenas,” Walker notes. “I am now in the biggest fight for my life and Everence gives me the confidence that Liam, and my wife and children, will be right by my side in that fight.”

Everence is created by gathering DNA via a simple saliva collection kit. Once shipped back to Endeavor’s lab, the saliva sample undergoes the Endeavor Life Sciences patented process of purification, microencapsulation, and polymerization. The product is then sent back to the customer in a powder form that can be taken to any tattoo artist the customer chooses. The Everence can then be mixed with any ink or carrier solution and applied in the same way any other tattoo is applied.

Endeavor Life Sciences co-founder and retired Navy SEAL, Boyd Renner.

Johnny Walker is enthused. “I think Everence can be a major positive in the law enforcement and military community in that it allows an individual to feel a physical connection to something that has depth of meaning unique to that individual, and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Learn more about Everence online at www.everence.life.


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