Doggies get stuck

From the Jefferson County (CO) Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

Even if you don’t have a dog or are even a dog person, most of you are probably aware that a mastiff is a pretty big pup. That’s why this story is so incredible.

JCSO Animal Control Officer C. Hubrecht received a call Monday about not one, not two, but THREE mastiffs stuck in a storm drain at W. Arlington Place and S. Zinnia Court.

Sure enough, there they were. But how? Well, dogs are funny and curious creatures who love exploring, especially when they’ve escaped their yard. At least this furry group brought their friends along when they ran into a culvert nearby.

Thankfully our friends at West Metro Fire were able to rescue them safely.

Animal Control Officer Hubrecht spoke with the owner about the dangers of dogs running at large and the owner purchased dog licenses on the spot.

We’re happy this story had a happy ending for everyone. And whether you have four legs or two, we’ll be here if you need us, JeffCo.

See more photos here.



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