Stupidity Can Be Deadly

Unless you want to die, it’s probably a bad idea to try and pose for a selfie with a bear.

Turns out, smartphones can make some people do extremely stupid things.

This story is not a “gee, it’s a slow day at the office, so let’s screw around on Facebook” joke.

Aspen Police recently spotted a bear and her two cubs in a tree near a popular shopping area.

Officers waited for the bears to come down, which they eventually did, but the cops were dumbfounded when they saw people chasing after the animals trying to get pictures.

Bears are dangerous enough on their own, but when their cubs are added to the equation, the danger to humans can increase exponentially.

People “insisted on trying to get close enough to take selfies,” Sgt. Rob Fabrocini of the Aspen Police Department said.

One slightly less-than-capable human mother—holding a child in her arms—tried to approach the bears.

In fact, there were so many morons chasing the animals, the cubs got separated from their mother.

The momma bear, now anxious and angry, turned around and headed back towards the area where the animals were first spotted to find her cubs.

“People were still walking right up to her, even when it was clear she was agitated and growling as people got close,” police officials told Fox 31 Denver.

So, they had to do a “don’t be stupid” safety warning for those lacking common sense. “Just because there is caution tape up and an officer in the area, this in no way guarantees your safety,” the statement read.

“Although black bear attacks are uncommon, they are more likely to occur in a situation when a bear is being harassed by onlookers.”

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