I Killed a Cop!


There’s a lot of cross-over, for better or worse, between the U.S. military and local law enforcement.

That’s why it’s always disheartening when a soldier kills a cop.

But this wasn’t a high-profile ambush attack involving a combat vet back from a tour of duty in the Middle East or Africa.

In fact, it wasn’t a soldier that killed a cop at all. It was a retired Army colonel.

According to ABC News: “A retired Army colonel accused of killing a Colorado State trooper in a hit and run Sunday night had been drinking beers before, during, and after the Denver Broncos game and tearfully blurted out, ‘I killed a cop’ following his arrest, according to court records.”

It’s another reminder that despite what you read in the media, the actual threats to police officers and their safety are pretty standard—vehicles, DUI, and wrecks, historically speaking.


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