Drug War Bunnies!

Let’s face it—some people just can’t be taken seriously. Need proof? A while back the Amherst (NY) Police proposed a plan to use drug-sniffing bunnies as part of an April Fool’s joke on their Facebook page.

There were funny pictures and comments and everyone had a good laugh.

But at least one guy wasn’t laughing.

There’s a dude named Dave Gautreau who’s running for mayor in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

At a mayoral forum, Gautreau said that if he was elected to the Mayor’s office, he would find, buy, and deploy drug-sniffing rabbits for the local police department.

Naturally, people thought he was joking.

He was not.

“I was dead serious,” he told reporters. “I would not make a joke about a rabbit if I did not believe it to be true.” (Ed. note: Who even talks like that?)

Gautreau doesn’t think the rabbits can win the drug war, though. He also wants to have K-9 officers as well.

But he said the bunnies would be more cost effective because they eat less.

Gautreau even says he called the Lancaster Police Department about the rabbits.

He doesn’t remember who he talked to, but he was sure he got confirmation that Lancaster does, indeed, use drug-sniffing rabbits.

“The woman sounded convincing,” he told The Inquirer. “I should have Googled it then, but I didn’t.”

Odds are someone was yanking his chain.

“I can assure you we do not use any type of rabbits in our law enforcement activities, nor do we have plans to,” Lt. Bill Hickey said.

Again, the internet does not appear to be making people more intelligent. That’s one logical conclusion to be drawn from a situation in which a police department made a joke on Facebook and this yahoo made it part of his law-and-order platform.

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