You’re Cut Off!


There’s a lot of new stuff in the law enforcement world that has nothing to do with police work and everything to do with apps, social media, and automation.

Many law enforcement agencies are currently using technology that allows them to read peoples emails, listen to their calls, and track their location.

Some of this is actually illegal under state law and city ordinance, but commerce moves much faster than the courts, so there have been some recent bumps in the road.

The problem for public safety professionals is twofold.

First, no one really knows how, or more importantly if, any of this stuff works.

For instance, software that was supposed to magically tell cops who the criminals were and where they will be committing their crimes has been a flop.

But the larger problem is that a lot of these gadgets and widgets being marketed and sold to American law enforcement are entirely dependent on multi-billion dollar multi-national companies like Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter don’t want to look like they’re working in concert with police to spy on Americans who are not suspected of any crimes.

So they’re shutting down access to the data that the technology the police bought need to track protestors and stuff like that.

Buyer beware.


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