VIDEO: Get Him, Charlie!

If you don’t know who Charlie LeDuff is, you’re missing out on one of the finer—and funnier—people in life.

LeDuff’s an old-school beat reporter, a field guy.

Working for the FOX affiliate in Detroit, LeDuff has become something of a cult hero for his plain talk, excellent sense of humor, and the ability to find a lighter side in the darkest of hours.

LeDuff has been a champion, as far as bringing public awareness to what cops, firefighters, and EMTs have to go through in King Rick Snyder’s Detroit.

(If you want to know how bad it gets, Snyder’s man in charge of switching Flint’s drinking water to poison is now the emergency manager of Detroit schools.)

To his credit, Governor Snyder knows his days are numbered and bravely agreed to an interview with Charlie.

Charlie, very politely, ripped him apart at the seams.

Sadly, for the sniveling Snyder, there’s no emergency manager that can fix a scandal like this.

That only works when you want to take over a city. It doesn’t protect you from the fallout after the results are in.

Lying, for guys like this Snyder twerp, is like breathing for ethical people.

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