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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been a valuable resource for local law enforcement in the fight against home grown extremists. As a majority of law enforcement professionals claim “sovereign citizens” and other self-indentified “patriots” as representing a far larger threat than terrorism emanating from abroad, the SPLC’s training is more valuable now than ever.

For background, Google “SPLC, West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert” (bonus points if you already know who the couple in the picture for this post is and more importantly, what they did).

From its website:

Law enforcement professionals are more likely to encounter dangerous extremists than virtually any other segment of American society—and those confrontations, tragically, are sometimes fatal.


In fact, a 2010 University of Maryland study found that nearly 15% of the 400 people killed by radical-right extremists since 1990 have been law enforcement officers.


With that in mind, the SPLC has undertaken a number of initiatives to equip officers with information and other resources that could help them carry out their duties with a minimum of danger to themselves.


Our free law enforcement trainings teach officers how to recognize hate groups, symbols and activity; the threat potential of specific groups; and how to respond to hate group activity.


The Intelligence Files contains updated biographical profiles of leading hate groups and extremist leaders, plus background on the various extremist ideologies.


And our Hate Map helps officials locate extremist groups within their communities.


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