Wait, Use This One


Don’t you hate it when  law enforcement agencies use a really crappy mugshot that does no justice at all to your good looks?

Well, at least one Ohio fugitive is unhappy with his online likeness, as posted by police.

So, he sent them a better picture.

The Lima Police Department is looking for 45-year-old Donald “Chip” Pugh, who’s wanted for failure to appear in a drunk driving case.

Pugh didn’t like the pictures police used (above left), so he sent them another picture (above right), saying, “Here is a better photo; that one is terrible,” according to YourNewsNow.

Lt. Andy Green with Lima police said he’d talked to Pugh, but he’s still at large.

“He’s drawing more attention to himself, which is going to make it easier for us to locate him, because the more attention that this post garners, the more people are going to see it, the more tips are going to come in about this guy,” Green said.

It’s always good to remember that online crime fighting, like all things social media, is a two-way radio.


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