Too Funny


One of the challenges for law enforcement agencies that embrace social media platforms like Facebook is connecting online with the communities they serve and protect.

In the February issue of American Police Beat, we’ve got the story of the most popular police Facebook page in the land.

The reason it’s so popular is simple—it’s funny.

Humor is the best way to ensure a captive audience online.

An agency that understands this is Georgia’s Oconee County Sheriff’s Office.

They recently warned residents that posting to Facebook isn’t a good way to get police assistance during an emergency.

Examples of things that need immediate attention:

  • Things on fire that shouldn’t be on fire.
  • Livestock running loose in a roadway.
  • People running loose in a roadway.
  • Generally, anything in a roadway other than normal traffic.
  • People chasing other people with intent to cause harm.
  • People running away with things that don’t belong to them.
  • People impaled with objects with which they would rather not be impaled.

The above are just some examples. It is not an exhaustive list.


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