Get Me Chuck Wexler


In the post 9/11 world, “experts” just aren’t what they used to be.

More often than not, “experts” are paid a ton of money to consult on whether or not something is a fraud.

Consider the talking heads on cable news. Some of these people have been professionally wrong for a generation.

But no matter how bad a former CEO’s company tanked (we’re looking at you, Donald Trump!) or how bad a military invasion went, you’re sure to find the same folks that screwed something up six ways to Sunday being paid handsomely to tell others how to fix it.

This is not the case with Chuck Wexler, executive director of the internationally renowned Police Executive Research Forum.

Mr. Wexler’s the guy who serious law enforcement professionals turn to when it’s time for big-picture discussions about American public safety.

If there’s a group of police chiefs at a conference talking about the implication of body cams, reporting standards, or other major issues facing the profession, Wexler’s usually the one leading the discussion.

Like a lot of law enforcement leaders these days, Macon County (IL) Sheriff Thomas Schneider has some concerns about the fraying relationship between cops and communities.

And he couldn’t have picked a better partner for his fact-finding mission than Mr. Wexler—one of the few actual policing experts worth his or her salt.


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