Called Out

Sheriff Leon Lott of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department

South Carolina Governor Nikke Haley is like most politicians.

Pretty much everything she says is designed to make herself look good, first and foremost.

She recently announced that sheriffs in South Carolina would be asked to sign a pledge to fill out more forms following incidents of domestic violence.

Haley says all but one of the sheriffs—Sheriff Leon Lott of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department—played ball.

“There is one sheriff in the State of South Carolina that does not seem to think any rules apply to him,” Haley said. “It’s unfortunate Sheriff Lott was the only one who did not sign the pledge. The last we heard was, ‘If I get it there, I’ll get it there.’ If he gets it there it’s only going to be because of an election year. This sheriff doesn’t think he has to do anything that he doesn’t think he has to do. It’s unfortunate.”

Sheriff Lott released a statement responding to Haley’s claim.

“I actively participated with the Governors Domestic Violence Task Force and helped develop issues that needed to be addressed; we are already doing the guidelines. I signed the pledge, and our Executive Director of the Sheriff’s Association was advised of such. It’s a shame the Governor is interjecting politics into public safety when we lead the Nation in domestic violence related deaths and assaults.”

But as anyone that’s been around the block can tell you, most high-profile politicians would throw their mother under the bus if it meant higher poll numbers or re-election.


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