Executive Privilege


We’ve been reading and writing about law enforcement here at American Police Beat for more than 20 years.

When you do something for that long, you start to notice a few patterns.

One of the things you can always count on from the world of public safety is plenty of stories about powerful politicians using police officers to run personal errands.

If you read, or hopefully subscribe, to American Police Beat, you already know how common these stories are.

Most recently, there was a boss in New Jersey who made his officers pick up his wife’s car from the auto body shop and then screamed at them because they failed to use an E-ZPass correctly.

However, that guy’s got nothing on world-class creep and national laughingstock Robert Bentley, the current governor of Alabama.

The gov’s in hot water because he screwed around on his wife, and there’s lots audio.

As that story continues to unfold, now comes a new accusation that he had police fly a helicopter, at taxpayer’s expense, for four hours to fetch his wallet—a flight that would potentially cost thousands of dollars if done by a private charter service.

It all began with a fight the governor had with his wife.


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